Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World 2016

With great developments in science and technology have benefited a lot with and the rising demand, newer technologies are being introduced almost every day whether we talk about the mobile phones or laptops people are constantly looking for higher versions which could handle more workloads for them. Technology has been responsible for changing the way we live and connect these days and with the use of these smart gadgets we have been able to conveniently manage our commitments at work and personal life.

Like mobile phones / Smartphones control our twenty four hours communication with each other, a laptop controls all our office works and professional lives. There are many types of laptops on the market and prices can vary greatly depending on your personal choice. Mac or PC, amount of storage, screen size, power, and security features are all things that one needs to consider when purchasing a laptop. Also available are “notebooks” similar to laptops but perhaps a bit smaller with less processing power.

Even once you have narrowed it down there are add ons and special features that can drive up the price of even a basic model. Below is a list of some of the most expensive laptops ever seen on the market. While some of these are the latest model available today, others are over the top models with price tags that have not yet been topped. Though most of us are happy with a laptop that can hold a ton of emails and a huge iTunes library, these laptops certainly add some glitz and glamour to the portable computer we have come to rely on.

Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World 2016

Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World 2014

Luvaglio :-


  • Price :- $1,000,000

The Luvaglio company has worked with a team of expert designers and craftsmen to come up with this opulent piece of machinery. The creators of this laptop allow the buyer to choose any material they would like for the body including, diamonds, white gold or leather. They may also choose rare jewels and stones to accent their device and a rare colored diamond acts as a power button and security ID. It is this customization that brings it to this heart stopping price point.

Other features include a 17? LED wide screen with reflective glare and a Blu-Ray drive as well as an integrated self cleaning device. This is the most expensive laptop in the list. Its price is $10, 00,000. Can you believe that? It is not just the name of the laptop but the company’s name is also Luvaglio. This very company has only one laptop and they assume that for quite a period it will stay as the most expensive laptop in the market. Its customers can choose precious metals and leathers to design their laptop. Whatever they want they can have it on their laptop. It also has a 128 GB solid state drive.

Tulip E-Go Diamond :-

Tulip E-Go Diamond

  • Price :- $350,000

This was made for the woman who wants the portability of the laptop but the look of a high end fashion accessory, and the Tulip E-go Diamond does look more like an elegant purse than a laptop computer. Tulip developed the E-Go (stands for “Easy going,”) to address the growing trend towards space age design and personalization. It also comes with different covers that one can change as easily as their mood.

Laurent de Beer, master jewelry designer worked closely with the Tulip design department on this jewel of a laptop. Tulip, as the name suggests is a machine loaded with comfortable and luxurious style and keyboard. The shape of tulip is just like the handbag of women. And so is its size. Its skin is made of leather with a stylish and beautiful shape. Most of its buyers are women. Men ofcourse cannot afford to hold such a gadget in a gathering. Its price is $3, 55,000.

MacBook Pro 24Karat Gold :-

MacBook Pro 24Karat Gold

  • Price :- $20,000

The infamous British car maker has partnered with Ego to produce this over the top notebook. This computer is handmade and dressed in authentic Bentley diamond stitched leather that can be made to match the interior of a Bentley automobile. The frames around the laptop are made of white gold and the handle is taken from the Bentley etching called “knurling.” There are only 250 being manufactured. For the price of this laptop, the quality is certainly worth breaking the bank. Even though Ego has nothing to do with high performance and amazing display, nor it has any such huge storage capacity yet its price is $20,000. I my self could not figure it out that what makes it so expensive. I wonder if anyone would be interested in buying this machine.

VoodooEnvy 171 :-

VoodooEnvy 171

  • Price :- $6,500

The VoodooEnvy 171 was considered more of a “work station” than ordinary laptop and was geared towards engineers and designers. On top of the high end specs offered with this machine, you could also pick out your own paint job and for a little bit extra add a tattoo making it different from all the rest. As of 2012, Voodoo is no longer producing products.Keeping ego and expensiveness apart, Voodoo Envy is no doubt a classy laptop in this list. It has amazing style and efficiency at the same time. It has very advanced and modernized graphic designs, stunning stylish chassis, a high performance processor and is powered with 4 GB RAM. The special thing is that it is available in 24 different designs. It costs just $8500.

Stealth MacBook Pro by ColorWare :-

Stealth MacBook Pro by ColorWare

  • Price :- $6,000

ColorWare’s Stealth MacBook Pro.  Taking a 15-inch 3.06GHz MacBook Pro as its base, the ink-wielders then throw their own soft-touch “zero gloss” finish at the unibody casing, and finish off the display with a matte coating. Apparently the casing is fingerprint-resistant, which is probably a good thing as people will be desperately trying to claw it out of your hands.

Inside things are top-spec too, with 8GB of DDR3 memory, a 256GB SSD and a DVD burner.It also has a custom matte screen, and was given it’s name because of it’s comparison to the Stealth Bomber. Though this laptop has the inner workings of the Macbook Pro, the comparison stops there. Whereas the regular MacBook Pro can be seen being carried by almost everyone, there are only ten Stealth MacBooks in existence.

Dell Mobile Precision M6800 :-

Dell Mobile Precision M6800

  • Price :- $3,800

Mobile productivity and smart design unite in the Dell Precision M6800, featuring up to Windows 8 Pro, a 17.3″ screen and best-in-class power and storage. The Dell M6800 offers extreme processing capabilities and the ability to create high end graphics including 3D rendering. The ten-finger touch display lets you multi-task with a swipe, drag or just a touch of your finger. It offers top notch security options along with the Dell Control Vault system. It also boasts four USB 3.0 ports and the Intel(R)vPro/AMT systems management and the Waves Maxx Audio Pro suite of audio tools. The Dell M6800 is also available in the “Covet” edition, which is the same high end laptop in the signature color Phoenix red.

Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660 :-


Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660
  • Price :- $3500
Toshiba Qosmio G35- AV 660, is an excellent laptop is known for its exhaustive list of features, which are more than enough for any person to buy it. But if it’s listed here it definitely means it is not going to be within the reach of the common man, this is an exclusive model with Core 2 Duo processor and built in HD-DVD drive, TV Tuner, 17” wide screen. The laptop is available at USD $ 3500.Toshiba is known for its quality in all over the world. Qosmio G35 comes with 2 GHz core 2 duo processor and a HDD of 240 GB. It also has a good HD DVD player. Entertainment gets double with its high definition display because of its nVidia GeForce HD graphics card.

Acer Ferrari 1100 :-

Acer Ferrari 1100

  • Price :- $3,000

This flashy number has a black and gray racing check pattern with the small yellow Ferrari insignia stamped in the center. To really give it the sleek feel of it’s namesake, the body is done in jet black with glossy gray accents and the casing is constructed with an ultra-light carbon fiber chassis. To add to the Ferrari feel, there is a bright blacklit power button that looks just like a car ignition.

Heads will certainly turn when you sit down in Starbucks with this one. Acer Ferrari 1100 is a light weight laptop which wears a scratch resistant carbon fiber chassis. The laptop is popular in the market because of the desirable specifications of the users. It is available for $3000. The price is not much so the users may want to buy it as their personal laptops. Most of the business men do buy it because it is a best laptop for businessmen.

Dell M6400 :-
Dell M6400
  • Price :- $ 3000
This model from Dell is for the design professionals who are looking for high performance and scalability. The laptop configuration perfectly supports high end graphics, design, analysis, animation, video editing, engineering related works in the most efficient manner, making it every graphic designer and design professionals’ favorite around the world priced at USD$ 3000.Dell is one of the renowned computer manufacturers. M6400 is really powerful in its use age. It is also loaded with 1 GB graphics card which makes it good for watching videos and movies. Users don’t buy such a laptop for gaming purpose because there are many other better gaming laptops in the market.
Lenovo Thinkpad w700ds :-
Lenovo Thinkpad w700ds
  • Price :- $ 4500
With Great ergonomics, handy secondary display and integrated digitizer, the laptop is no ordinary when it comes to functioning and quality. This model has an in-built quad core processor and many other features which make this model popular and expensive as well.Formal looks and normal screen size apart, this laptop is powered with Core 2 Quad Extreme processors and a RAM of 4 GB. Lenovo is not considered to be the producer of costly laptops but this laptop comes in the list of most expensive laptops because its price is $4500.

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