Top 10 Richest People in Brazil 2016

Success is the goal of all these people and serve as examples of struggle and battle, but these high achievers did not become rich overnight. There were many years of sweat and tears. Here are the 10 richest people in Brazil.

Top 10 Richest People in Brazil 2016

Top 10 Richest People in Brazil 2014

Jorge Paulo Lemann :-

Jorge Paulo Lemann

Jorge Paulo Lemann is a Swiss-Brazilian banker. He is ranked as the 37th richest person in the world by Bloomberg Billionaire Index, with an estimated net worth of US$18.9 billion as of November 2012 and is Brazil’s richest man. There is no way of talking about the Richest people in Brazil without mentioning Jorge. He is the owner of Lojas Americanas,,, Burger King in Brazil and recently acquired together with Warren Buffet the Heinz ketchup (the most consumed ketchup brand in the world)

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 17.8 billion
  • Born: August 26, 1939 (age 74), Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Education: Harvard University (1961), Harvard Business School

Joseph Safra :-

Joseph Safra

Joseph Safra is a Brazilian banker who currently runs the Brazilian banking and investment empire, Safra Group. He founded Banco Safra – one of the 10 largest banks in Brazil – with his brothers. However he did not stop there, he invested in Aracruz Celulose SA, a telephone company in Israel and many banks around the world.

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 15.9 billion
  • Born: 1939, Aleppo, Syria
  • Spouse: Vicky Safra
  • Parents: Jacqui Safra
  • Siblings: Moise Safra, Edmond Safra, Arlette Safra
  • Children: Alberto Safra

Ermirio Antonio Moraes :-

Ermirio Antonio Moraes

Antonio Ermirio de Moraes is a Brazilian businessman who is the chairman of the Votorantim Group; one of the country’s largest companies, specialized in metals, paper, cement and frozen orange juice. Antonio, 83, commands the Votorantim Group, created by his father. Antonio’s Company today operates in various fields like cement, chemical, aluminum, paper pulp, electricity, metals, steel etc.

  • Net Worth :- US $ 12.7 billion
  • Born: June 4, 1928 (age 85), São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Education: Colorado School of Mines
  • Children: Carlos Ermirio de Moraes

Dirce Navarro de Camargo :-

Dirce Navarro de Camargo

Brazil’s richest woman Dirce Navarro De Camargo died on April 20 at the age of 100. She and her family were ranked number 87 among the world’s billionaires in March, with a net worth of $11.5 billion. The bulk of Dirce Navarro de Camargo’s wealth came from her stake in Camargo Correa, a conglomerate founded by her late husband, Sebastiao Camargo, in 1939. She inherited from her late husband a construction company called: Camargo Correa, which is controlled by Participacies Morro Vermelho. The fortune was divided between the three daughters, Regina, Renata and Rosana, but is directed by the widow.

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 11.5 billion
  • Source Of Wealth : construction
  • Citizenship : Brazil
  • Children : 3

Eike Batista :-

Eike Batista

Eike Fuhrken Batista is a Brazilian business magnate who made a fortune in mining and oil and gas exploration. Presently, he is the chairman of Brazilian conglomerate EBX Group. The fifth richest man in Brazil was also the 8th richest man in the world last year. After several devaluations of his companies, his assets plummeted. His fortune is due to its role in various industries, especially petroleum, logistics, energy, mining and ship building. The last purchase of this billionaire, was to direct the UFC in Brazil, the company IMX Eike plans to hold more than 50 shows a year the best of MMA in Brazil.

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 10.6 billion
  • Born: November 3, 1956 (age 57), Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Spouse: Luma de Oliveira (m. 1991–2004)
  • Education: RWTH Aachen
  • Children: Thor Batista, Olin Batista
  • Parents: Eliezer Batista, Jutta Fuhrken

Marcel Herrmann Telles :-

Marcel Herrmann Telles

Marcel Hermann Telles is a Brazilian businessman. Telles is a member of the AB InBev. His fortune is estimated at $10.2 billion. Telles was able to increase their equity in one billion dollars since the last, Forbes Magazine said. This man is a 57 year old born brewer, being the founder of AmBev. Together with his partners, Jorge Paulo Lemann and Carlos Alberto Sicupira they have become the world’s largest brewer. This of course was after the purchase of Budwieser. He and his partners  control the reign of domestic beer and the giant retailer, Lojas Americanas.

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 9.1 billion
  • Born: February 23, 1950 (age 63), Brazil

Joao Roberto Marinho :-

Joao Roberto Marinho

Joao Roberto Marinho is a Brazilian businessman, Chairman of the Editorial Board and vice president of the Globo Organizations. He is the third of four children of the deceased communications tycoon Roberto Marinho. John is the third brother billionaire of Globo. Together their total assets are more than $ 50 billion. John is of 59 years and is married to Gisela Marino. He is currently Chairman of the Editorial Board and vice president of the company.

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 8.7 billion
  • Born: September 16, 1953 (age 60), Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Parents: Stella Goulart Marinho, Roberto Marinho

Roberto Marinho Irenaeus :-

Roberto Marinho Irenaeus

Roberto Irenaeus, 65, married, is one of the most influential men in Brazil. He is the owner and president of Globo, which controls 5 TV stations and over 117 affiliates. To top that of, he also controls over 30 cable channels: Megapix, Gloob, GNT, Multishow, Viva, Bis+, Globosat OFF HD, Combative Sport TV, PFC, GloboNews network and Telecine. The company operates in various other sectors such as print media, radio and has one of the most important writers of Brazil, the SOM LIVRE.

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 8.7 billion

Jose Roberto Marinho :-

Jose Roberto Marinho

Jose Roberto Marinho 26 de dezembro de 1955. Filho do jornalista Roberto Marinho, controla atualmente a Fundacao que recebe o nome de seu pai e cuida das emissoras de radio do grupo.  As Organizacoes Globo sao presididas por seu irmao mais velho, Roberto Irineu.osé Roberto Marinho along with his billionaire brothers João Roberto Marinho and Roberto Irineu Marinho control the privately owned Globo, Globo is the largest media group in Latin America, which has about half of Brazil’s television market.

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 8.6 billion

Carlos Alberto Sicupira :-

Carlos Alberto Sicupira

Carlos Alberto Sicupira shares control of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest beer company, with longtime billionaire partners Jorge Paulo Lemann and Marcel Telles. Carlos Sicupira is a successful entrepreneur and busnissman, with a net worth of 7.9 billion, Carlos is among the richest in the world. He along with Jorge Paulo Lemann and Telles Marcell control the successful brewery InBev. InBev stands as the largest brewer in the world, with 25% global market share. Sicupira is also the founder of 3G Capital which owns the fast food chain Burger King in Brazi.

  • Net Worth :- U.S. $ 7.9 billion
  • Age : 66
  • Source Of Wealth : beer, Self Made
  • Residence : Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Citizenship : Brazil
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Children : 3

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