Top 10 Richest People in Medical Field 2016

With the advent of new technologies, the medical field is growing very fast but sometimes certain things happen in medical field that are extremely unbelievable, whether they may be possible by steep luck, advanced medical techniques or divine intervention. There is certain fascination associated with such stories in a positive way. As a rotating entryway, the list of the wealthiest people in the medical field changes and moves. Times modify along these lines do fortunes. Here is list of 10 wealthiest People in the Medical Field today.
The agenda runs from experts and business investors with chances in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device. Like a revolving door, the list of the richest men in the field of medicine constantly moves and changes. Times change and so do fortunes. Here is a rundown of the 10 wealthiest people in the heath care industry today. The list ranges from professionals and business tycoons with stakes in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Here are the top 10 from Healthcare which includes people who work in pharmaceuticals and medical device companies. Most of them have science degrees of some kind, ranging from medical doctors to engineers.

Top 10 Richest People in Medical Field 2016

Top 10 Richest People in Medical Field 2014

Patrick Soon-Shiong :-

Patrick Soon-Shiong

Patrick Soon-Shiong is a South African-born American surgeon, medical researcher, businessman, philanthropist and a professor at University of California at Los Angeles.Before long Shiong has a Md from the School of Witwatersrand, a Graduate degree in science from the College of British Columbia, and a Four year college education from the School of Witwatersrand. He is the originator of Abraxis Bioscience and American Pharma Accomplices. He is the founder of Abraxis Bioscience and American Pharma Partners. He sold the latter in 2008 for $5.6 billion, and the former for $2.9 billion in 2010. Soon-Shiong is now working on bringing digital revolution to health care, commerce, and digital entertainment through a company he founded and called NantWorks. He is ranked 47th richest in the Forbes list.

  • Net Worth :- $7.3 billion
  • Born: 1952, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Education: University of the Witwatersrand, University of California, Los Angeles, University of British Columbia

Thomas Frist Jr. & family :-

Thomas Frist Jr. & family

Thomas F. Frist, Jr. is an American heir, businessman and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of the Hospital Corporation of America. Throughout the 1960?s, Thomas Frist Sr. considered making a doctor’s facility in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1968 Baffled for not uncovering an aggregation that can deal with the healing center, father and child began the Healing facility Company of America. The company had revenues of $29.7 billion in 2011. The Frist family now has a new company that is building a hospital together with the Chinese government, and has contracts to acquire two more hospitals. Frist, Jr. is currently ranked 92nd in the Forbes billionaires list.

  • Net Worth :- $4 billion
  • Born: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Parents: Thomas F. Frist, Sr.
  • Education: Vanderbilt University

Gayle Cook :-

Gayle Cook

Gayle Cook co-founded the medical device company Cook Group with her late husband William (“Bill”) Cook back in 1963 in their Bloomington, Indiana apartment. Since his death in 2011, she inherited his stake in the company and sits on the company’s board. Their son, Carl Cook, is also actively involved in the business, which has offices in the U.S, Europe, Asia and Australia and revenues estimated at $2 billion. Gayle Cook and William Cook co-founded a medical device company called the Cook Group Incorporated in 1963.

Using a spare bedroom in their apartment as their first factory, they began building wire guides, needles, and catheters. Now, Cook Group has offices from the U.S. Europe, and around the Pacific Rim, and is expanding throughout Asia. Their business is focused in producing antibiotic catheters and stents.

  • Net Worth :- $3.7 billion
  • Age : 79
  • Source Of Wealth : medical devices, Self Made
  • Residence : Bloomington, IN
  • Citizenship : United States
  • Marital Status : Widowed
  • Children : 1
  • Education : Bachelor of Arts / Science, Indiana University

Ronda Stryker :-

Ronda Stryker

Ronda Stryker is a granddaughter of Homer Stryker (d. 1980), inventor of the mobile hospital bed, who founded Stryker Corp in 1941. She sits on Stryker’s board and is the only member of the founding family still active in the company, which sold $8.7 billion in medical equipment last year. Shares have risen nearly 25% over last year, helping to increase her net worth by about $500 million. Before Homer Stryker founded Stryker Corporation in 1941, he was an orthopedic surgeon who started making medical devices to meet his patient’s needs. Stryker is now a global leader in the medical technology industry specializing in making replacement joints, and other devices.

  • Net Worth :- $2.5 billion
  • Age : 59
  • Source Of Wealth : Medical equipment
  • Residence : Portage, MI
  • Citizenship : United States
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Children : 3
  • Education : Master of Arts, Western Michigan University; Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of

Phillip Frost :-

Phillip Frost

Pharma industry veteran Phillip Frost has stakes in more than a half-dozen firms, including diagnostics and drugmaker Opko Health, with a 42% stake worth $1.2 billion. A former dermatology professor, he got his start in pharma in the early 1970s when he took over Key Pharmaceuticals with partner Michael Jaharis (also a Forbes 400 member) to develop generics and veterinary products.

As a dermatology professor, Frost took control of the Key Pharmaceuticals with Michael Jaharis, his well trusted partner, to develop veterinary products and generic pharmaceuticals. Frost founded Ivax after selling the company in 1986. In 2005, he sold it for $7.6 billion. Today, he is the chairman of Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest producer of generic pharmaceuticals in the country. Frost is an active trader and hold stakes in several companies such as SafeStitch, a medical device company.

  • Net Worth :- $2.4 billion
  • Age : 77
  • Source Of Wealth : pharmaceuticals, Self Made
  • Residence : Miami Beach, FL
  • Citizenship : United States
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Education : Medical Doctor, Yeshiva U Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of Pennsylvania

Randal J. Kirk :-

Randal J. Kirk

Randal J. Kirk is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Intrexon, a synthetic biology technology company. Randall Kirk co-founded his first pharmaceutical firm, the General Injectables & Vaccines, in 1984. He sold the company in 1998. He also co-founded King Pharmaceuticals in 1993, founded New River Pharmaceuticals in 1996, and many others. He sold his company New River Pharmaceuticals in 2007 for $2.6 billion.

  • Net Worth :- $2.4 billion
  • Born: March 10, 1953 (age 60), Pleasanton, California, United States
  • Education: University of Virginia School of Law, Radford University, University of Virginia

Judith R. Faulkner :-

Judith R. Faulkner

Judith R. Faulkner is the CEO and founder of Epic Systems. In 2013 Forbes magazine called her “the most powerful woman in healthcare”. Faulkner founded Epic Systems in 1979, with the original name of Human Services Computing. Judy Faulkner is chief executive of electronic health record company, Epic Systems, which she founded 1979. Company pulled in $1.5 billion revenues in 2012, up 25% from the previous year.

  • Net Worth :- $1.5 billion
  • Age : 70
  • Source Of Wealth : health IT, Self Made
  • Residence : Madison, WI
  • Citizenship : United States
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Education : Master of Science, University of Wisconsin; Bachelor of Arts / Science, Dickinson College

Gary K. Michelson :-

Gary K. Michelson

Dr. Gary K. Michelson is an American board certified orthopedic spinal surgeon and inventor. He is the inventor of a number of surgical instruments, operative methods and medical implants. Unhappy with the low success rates associated with spinal surgery procedures at the beginning of his career, he spent countless hours developing better implants, instruments and procedures that would enable spinal surgeons to cure a greater proportion of spinal ailments. “Michelson devices” have been implanted globally in hundreds of thousands of patients.

He has over 250 U.S. Patents on instruments, methods and devices for advances in spinal and orthopedic surgery and over 950 issued or pending patents worldwide for instruments, operative procedures, and medical devices related to the treatment of spinal disorders. The 63-year old Gary Michelson is credited for having more than 250 U.S. patents on orthopedic instruments, methods, and devices. He received a $1.35 billion settlement from Medtronic, a medical device company, over the use of his spinal surgery patents in 2005. Using the settlement for the welfare of animals, he established the Found Animals Foundation to help several pet shelters. The $25 million Michelson Prize was named after him in 2008 and awarded to the scientist who invented an injectable sterilant for pets.

  • Net Worth :- $1.4 billion
  • Born: January 14, 1949 (age 65), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Education: Temple University, Central High School

John Brown :-

John Brown

John Brown was a white American abolitionist who believed armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States. After Lee Stryker died in 1976, John Brown became the chief executive of Stryker Corporation. For 32 years as the president and CEO, Brown transformed Stryker from a $17 million hospital bed maker into a leading global medical technology company.

  • Net Worth :- $1.2 billion
  • Born: May 9, 1800, Torrington, Connecticut, United States
  • Died: December 2, 1859, Charles Town, West Virginia, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Owen Brown, Ruth Mills

Neal Patterson :-

Neal Patterson

Neal L. Patterson is CEO of Cerner Corporation, a Kansas City-based medical software corporation. He is also an owner of the Sporting Kansas City soccer team.Patterson grew up on the family farm near Manchester, Oklahoma and received his bachelors and Masters from Oklahoma State University in 1971 and 1972. Following a stint with Arthur Andersen, he and Arthur Andersen colleagues Cliff Illig and Paul Gorup founded Cerner in 1979The 62-year old Neal Patterson, along with two other colleagues, were the pioneers of Cerner Corporation, which produces hospital laboratory management systems. It was founded in 1979 and went public in 1986. As the Chairman, CEO and President of Cerner Corporation, he leads the company to innovations and other medical advances. From their $2.2 billion in sales, Cerner Corporation made a net income of $307 million.

  • Net Worth :- $1.12 billion
  • Born: 1949
  • Education: Oklahoma State University–Stillwater

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