The Top 10 Richest Skateboarders in the World 2016

The Top 10 Richest Skateboarders in the World 2016

Skateboarding is an action sport that fills its viewers with excitement and nerves when boarders perform their daring feats. These athletes execute electrifying tricks, like kick flips, 360 degrees flips and ollies at global competitions, and besides being an unusual sport that has a smaller following, skateboarding has become increasingly popular as a recreational activity, an art form or even a simple means of transportation.

Once known as a hobby of twisted teenagers or long-haired ,shaggy surfer dudes, skateboarding has today become a mult-million-dollar industry. You might not know, but skateboarding competitions pay a lot, and there are huge, lucrative endorsement deals and business ventures that follow the most successful skaters. Skateboarding has thus become a promising action sport that has made a select group of skaters very, very rich. Without further ado, here are the The Top 10 Richest Skateboarders in the World 2016.

The Top 10 Richest Skateboarders in the World 2014


Tony Hawk:-

Tony Hawk

Anthony Frank “Tony” Hawk, nicknamed “The Birdman“, is an American former professional skateboarder and actor. Hawk is well known for completing the first documented 900 and for his licensed video game titles, distributed by Activision.

  • Net Worth : $120 million
  • Born: May 12, 1968 (age 45), Carlsbad, California, United States
  • Height: 1.90 m
  • Education: Torrey Pines High School
  • Spouse: Lhotse Merriam (m. 2006–2011), Erin Lee (m. 1996–2004), Cindy Dunbar (m. 1990–1993)
  • Children: Riley Hawk, Keegan Hawk, Spencer Hawk, Kadence Clover Hawk

Stavros Niarchos:-

Stavros Niarchos

Stavros Spyros Niarchos (3 July 1909 – 16 April 1996) was a Greek shipping tycoon and multi-billionaire. In 1952, Stavros Niarchos built the biggest supertankers capable of transporting large quantities of oil, and subsequently earned millions of dollars as global demand for his ships increased.

  • Net Worth : $100 million
  • Born: July 3, 1909, Athens, Greece
  • Died: April 16, 1996, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Education: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Children: Spyros Niarchos, Philip Niarchos, Elena Ford, Constantine Niarchos, Maria Niarchos
  • Spouse: Athina Livanos (m. 1971–1974), more
  • Parents: Eugenia Koumantaros, Spyros Niarchos Sr.

Rodney Mullen:-

Rodney Mullen

John Rodney Mullen is a professional skateboarder, company owner, inventor, and public speaker who practices freestyle and street skateboarding.

  • Net Worth : $30 million
  • Born: August 17, 1966 (age 47), Gainesville, Florida, United States
  • Height: 1.81 m
  • Spouse: Traci Mullen (m. 2000)
  • Education: University of Florida
  • Books: Mutt the (How to Skateboard a

Ryan Sheckler:-

Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Allen Sheckler is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, and was the star of the MTV-produced reality show Life of Ryan.

  • Net Worth : $16 million
  • Born: December 30, 1989 (age 24), La Palma, California, United States
  • Height: 1.70 m
  • Nationality: American
  • Siblings: Kane Sheckler, Shane Sheckler
  • Awards: Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male Athlete, more

Chad Muska:-

Chad Muska

Chad Muska is an American professional skateboarder, artist, and entrepreneur. In November 2012, Skin Phillips described Muska as “one of the most marketable pros skateboarding has ever seen”.

  • Net Worth : $16 million
  • Born: May 20, 1977 (age 36), Lorain, Ohio, United States
  • Movies and TV shows: This Is My Element, The Skateboard Show, 411VM Skateboarding: Issue 50, Contrast

Rob Dyrdek:-

Rob Dyrdek

Robert Stanley “Rob” Dyrdek is an American professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star. He is best known for his roles in the reality shows Rob and Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

  • Net Worth : $15 million
  • Born: June 28, 1974 (age 39), Kettering, Ohio, United States
  • Height: 1.70 m
  • Nationality: American
  • Siblings: Denise Dyrdek
  • Parents: Patty Dyrdek, Gene Dyrdek

Tony Alva:-

Tony Alva

Tony Alva is an American skateboarder, most prominently known as one of the original members of the Z-Boys skateboarding team. He is considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time.

  • Net Worth : $15 million
  • Born: September 2, 1957 (age 56), Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Victoria Alva

Eric Koston:-

Eric Koston

Eric Koston is a Thai American professional skateboarder and company owner. He has been featured in the Tony Hawk video game series, and the Electronic Arts video games Skate 2 and Skate 3.

  • Net Worth : $15 million
  • Born: April 29, 1975 (age 38), Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Spouse: Ashlee Koston (m. 2007)
  • Nationality: American, Thai
  • Children: June Marie Koston
  • Movies: Fully Flared, Yeah Right!, 411VM Presents: 10 Years of Skateboarding, On Video Skate: Spring 2001

Lance Mountain:-

Lance Mountain

Robert Lance Mountain is a professional skateboarder and artist who was one of the prominent skateboarders throughout the 1980s, primarily due to his involvement with the Bones Brigade.

  • Net Worth : $10 million
  • Born: June 13, 1964 (age 49), Pasadena, California, United States
  • Spouse: Yvette Loveless
  • Movies: The Search for Animal Chin, 411VM Skateboarding: Issue 50
  • Children: Lance Ronald Cyril Mountain

Anthony Mosley:-

Anthony Mosley

Anthony Mosley is an American professional skateboarder with a net worth of $10 million. He began skateboarding when he was 13 years old, and decided to focus on it as a career when he was 16. Mosley has been a promising skateboarder and winner of various skating competitions throughout his career. He is renowned for his showmanship and unique style of skating. After ‘Billabong’ became his first sponsor, Mosley began a quite meteoric rise in the skateboarding world.

He collaborated with Dallas Stokes, a line of skate wear, and with Black Sheep Label, a popular shoe line, to strengthen his profits. Mosley later used a portion of his earnings to establish the “Be Cool” staking clinics in Los Angeles.

  • Net Worth : $10 million

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