The Top 5 Richest Graffiti Artists In The World 2016

The Top 5 Richest Graffiti Artists In The World 2016

Telling your parents you want to be a graffiti artist can’t be easy, and proudly stating this career goal will likely lead to more than one disappointed face across the dinner table. Much like other maligned or misunderstood forms of art like skateboarding, or tattooing, it’s a career path that – superficially, at least – can’t look all that promising in terms of financial security. And while there will always be those who dabble, and those who try, the reality is very few have the skill, fearlessness, genius or a combination of the three to make a name for themselves. And even then, fame and fortune is no guarantee.The Top 5 Richest Graffiti Artists In The World 2016.

The Top 5 Richest Graffiti Artists In The World 2014


David Choe:-

David Choe

David Choe is an American painter, muralist, graffiti artist and graphic novelist of Korean descent.Turns out you don’t need a cool nickname to make your mark on the world as a graffiti artist. 37-year-old L.A. based David Choe was approached back in 2005 by a small social media start-up by the name of Facebook. The president at the time, Sean Parker, was a fan of the artist and commissioned him for a series of murals for their office headquarters. What Choe delivered was his blend of frenetic style of abstraction, urban landscapes and sexuality. While Parker indicated it took a bit of time to get used to the distraction of the walls, Choe was presented with two options of payment; cash, or stocks.

  • Net Worth : $200 million
  • Born: April 21, 1976 (age 37), Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Education: California College of the Arts
  • Movies and TV shows: Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe, We Are the Strange, The Vice Guide to Travel



Banksy is a pseudonymous United Kingdom-based, graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stencilling technique.

  • Net Worth : $20 million
  • Born: Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Nationality: English
  • Movies: Exit Through the Gift Shop, The Antics Roadshow
  • Books: Banksy
  • Periods: Graffiti, Street art
  • Awards: Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary Feature, more

Shepard Fairey:-

Shepard Fairey

Frank Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer activist and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene.

  • Net Worth : $15 million
  • Born: February 15, 1970 (age 43), Charleston, South Carolina, United States
  • Spouse: Amanda Fairey
  • Artwork: Andre the Giant Has a Posse, Barack Obama “Hope” poster, Hope, Vote, Change
  • Movies: Beautiful Losers, POPaganda: The Art & Subversion of Ron English
  • Children: Vivienne Fairey, Madeline Fairey
  • Periods: Graffiti, Street art

Mr. Brainwash:-

Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash – often stylized as MBW – is the moniker of Paris-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker and street artist Thierry Guetta.

  • Net Worth : $10 million
  • Born: 1966, Paris, France
  • Spouse: Debora Guetta
  • Period: Pop art
  • Artwork: F.Y.D., Juxtapose, Jubilation, Buy Life, One Love, Never Give Up, Love, Dream, Celebration, Cover Girl
  • Movies: Exit Through the Gift Shop, Mr. Brainwash in Toronto



RETNA (born 1979) is a contemporary artist, primarily recognized for graffiti art. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, and started his career in the early 1990s. He developed a distinctive constructed script which is derived from Blackletter, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Arabic, and Hebrew calligraphy, as well as more traditional types of street-based graffiti. In addition to exhibiting at institutions and galleries in Los Angeles, Miami, London, New York and Hong Kong, Retna has done advertising work for brands such as VistaJet, Louis Vuitton, and Nike.

  • Net Worth : $5 million +

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