Top 6 Most Expensive Things in the World Auction

Auctions are designed to drive up the price of something via competitive, real-time bidding. That being the case, it comes as no surprise that some items reach truly astronomical prices by the time the winning bid is accepted. We’re not talking about putting the old vinyl records in your basement on eBay.Those who have an appetizing desire on antiquities and precious possessions, will tell you that an auction house is perhaps the best place to spend loads of money on things that carry a rich heritage with them. With the recent rise in the luxury spending trend, the list most expensive items sold at auction is rapidly growing, with hundreds and millions of dollars being spent on various priceless items such as paintings, sculptures, vintage cars, comic books etc. Globally renowned auction houses such as the likes of Sotheby’s, Christie’s etc. are now greatly benefitting from the arrival of Russian and Chinese millionaires as well as billionaires, who have exhibited an intense interest in valuable pieces of art, automobiles and other antiquities.Today in the world there are many expensive things we have collected a list of 10 most expensive and most adorable pieces from different Category. In this collection you will found the musical , and their instrumental things can be made of multiple carrots of gold and diamonds.

Top 6 Most Expensive Things in the World Auction

 Top 6 Most Expensive Things in the World Auction

1. Crystal Piano :-

Crystal Piano

  • Price :- $3.22 Million

The piano was designed to meet the stingent demands for a large scale concert, which was also viewed by millions of people worldwide. This unique Grand piano was deisgned and built by The Heintzman Piano Company, in Beijing.The piano was played at the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 by renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang, who mesmerized the huge audience with an unforgettable rendition of “StarlightThis crystal grand piano by Heintzman was auctioned and purchased by a private bidder for $3.22 million, The piano was played by renowned pianist Lang Lang during the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008.crystal grand piano is one of the richest instruments , it has been purchased by a private bidder and its played during the Chinese Olympics Beijing.making it most expensive piano on earth. The piano is made from crystal and has futuristic styling and looks.

2. Diamond Chess Set :-

Diamond Chess Set

  • Price :- $500,000 million

This hand-made chess set features 9900 black and white diamonds and is set in 14-carat white gold. It was designed by Bernard Maquin and is part of the Charles Hollander Collection. The set weighs a total of 186.09 carats.Worlds most expensive Chess table made ” Diamond Chess Set ” it consist of the 9900 black and white diamonds from this information you can imagine the price of it.

3. The Villa La Leopolda :-

The Villa La Leopolda

  • Price :-  $506 million

The second most expensive home in the world is the Villa Leopolda on the French Riviera at a price of $506 million. The current incarnation of this villa was designed and built between 1929 and 1931 on an estate that was once owned by King Leopold II of Belgium and was used as a set in Alfred Hitchcock’s film “To Catch a Thief”, once it was owned b the “King Leopold II” of Belgium , it has also so seen in the movie Hitchcock.Its priced is some where “$506 million”.

4. The Card Players :-

The Card Players

  • Price :-  $259 million

The Card Players is a series of oil paintings by the French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne. Painted during Cezanne’s final period in the early 1890s, there are five paintings in the series. The versions vary in size and in the number of players depicted. Cezanne also completed numerous drawings and studies in preparation for The Card Players series. One version of The Card Players was sold in 2011 to the Royal Family of Qatar for a price variously estimated at between $250 million and $300 million, making it the most expensive work of art ever sold.The Card Players is one of the best painting , it has been created by the “Paul Cezanne” sold at auction in April 2011 . The painting has sold for “$259 million” it was bought by “Royal Family of Qatar”.The Card Players” is a painting by Paul Cézanne sold at auction in April 2011 for $259 million. The buyer was the Royal Family of Qatar and the painting was acquired through a private sale.

5. The 201-Carat Chopard Watch :-

The 201-Carat Chopard Watch

  • Price  :- $25 million

The world’s most expensive timepiece is a flashy watch by Chopard adorned with three heart-shaped diamonds and another 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds — bringing the weight to a whopping 201 carats. The spring-loaded mechanism allows the hearts to open up for the wearer to see a diamond studded watch face. In 2000, the watch was sold for $25 million.Check out the worlds most expensive timepiece, It has been shaped heart diamonds in three ways . 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds , Some how the watch is sold for the $25 Million. Somewhere beneath all these rocks, there’s actually a watch. With three heart-shaped diamonds (a 15-carat pink one, 12-carat blue one and a 11-carat colorless one), they swivel around a flower-motif encrusted bracelet with white gold, yellow gold hardware and a handful of diamonds in between making up the grand total.

6. The Wallis Simpson Bracelet :-

The Wallis Simpson Bracelet

  • Price  :- $12.4 million
This innovatively designed diamond panther bracelet has its own charm and beauty. It was designed in 1952, by Cartier Paris and then was owned by American socialite Wallis Simpson who was renowned for her elegance and charm. It is an aspiring jewelry piece that if hanging on the wrist would be an explosion of diamonds. Wallis Simpson Bracelet is one of the most expensive items. It was auctioned at Sotheby’s in London for the price ” $12.4 million” its an adorable piece of creation.In 2010, the onyx and diamond panther bracelet that was once owned by Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor and most famous American for whom King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry, was auctioned at Sotheby’s in London.

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