Top Earning Authors In The World 2016

When we think of a ‘struggling artist’, the first thing that springs to mind might be a musicians, a painter, or even a theatre actor. Some of us tend to forget that writers are struggling artists as well: The writing process itself isn’t easy, and even if you’ve got the material, it’s a saturated and competitive industry. The writer might wait for months, even years, to be inspired with an idea for a manuscript – but this is just the first step. Then, there’s the surely arduous task of creating a plot, characters – basically a structure, for the manuscript.

To top it off, writer’s block is a constant threat lurking in the shadows of the creative mind. And if the author comes out of all this with his or her sanity still intact, publishing the work is the only way to make a profit from the lengthy process. If you’re not writing in a genre with mass commercial appeal, you can basically forget about making the list. But even if you are, and your books are best sellers, that’s still not a guaranteed way in.Writing thrillers or romances for adults is good; even better is writing fantasy fiction for young adults that spills over into the adult market.

The biggest franchises of the past decade have employed this formula, most recently Suzanne Collins‘ “The Hunger Games” trilogy. Collins’ earnings of $55 million — good for No. 3 on our list — also showed the power of a hit film adaptation, which can launch a book from the earthly best-seller list into the stratosphere. Nevertheless, the world has bred a handful of authors who not only make a living from their writing, but have become influential figures in the publishing industry and celebrities in their own right. Forbes has provided information on the world’s top-earning authors last year, in terms of their annual earnings last year. Some names are conspicuously absent; the world’s richest author J.K. Rowling doesn’t feature, as her 2013 release under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith didn’t come anywhere near the success of the Harry Potter novels

Top Earning Authors In The World 2016

Top Earning Authors In The World 2014

E. L. James :-

E. L. James

Erika Leonard, better known by the pen name E L James, is the British author of the bestselling erotic romance novels trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed. The combined novels have sold over 35 million copies in the United States, and over 70 million copies worldwide, setting the record as the fastest selling paperback of all time. In 2012, Time magazine named her one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People.

“Fifty Shades of Grey – in true 21st century fashion, this novel was first released online in its Twilight fan fiction form and was spotted by a canny publisher. The trilogy has set the record for fastest selling paperback of all time, selling over 35 million copies in the US and 70 million worldwide. In 2013, James’s net worth hit a whopping $95 million, including $5 million from the sale of the Fifty Shades films rights to Universal studios.

  • Earning :- $95 million
  • Born: March 7, 1963 (age 50), London, United Kingdom
  • Nationality: English
  • Spouse: Niall Leonard (m. 1987)
  • Education: University of Kent
  • Movies: Fifty Shades of Grey

James Patterson :-

James Patterson

James B. Patterson is an American author. He is largely known for his novels about fictional psychologist Alex Cross, the protagonist of the Alex Cross series. Author James Patterson takes our top spot, with almost $100 million in net worth. Born in Newburgh, New York, he received his BA in English from Manhattan College and his MA in English from Vanderbilt University.

After spending most of his life in advertising, he retired in 1996 to dedicate himself to writing full time. Patterson has written 95 novels since 1976, including 19 consecutive No.1 novels, and hold the Guinness World Record/The New York Times record for most bestselling hardcover fiction by a single author, which is 76. His books have sold over 260 million copies, outselling Stephen King, John Grisham and Dan Brown.

  • Earning :- $94 million
  • Born: March 22, 1947 (age 66), Newburgh, New York, United States
  • Spouse: Susan Patterson (m. 1997)
  • Movies: Alex Cross, Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider, more
  • Awards: Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American Author, Edgar Award for Best First Mystery
  • Children: Jack Patterson

Suzanne Collins :-

Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Marie Collins is an American television writer and novelist, best known as the author of The New York Times best selling series The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy. The world-renowned author who brought the world The Hunger Games was born in 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut. Suzanne Collins was moving constantly as a child, due to her father’s military career as a US Air Force officer. She studied at the Alabama School of Fine Arts as a Theater Arts major, and then took a double major in theater and telecommunications at Indiana University. Finally, she earned her Major of Fine Arts in dramatic writing from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

  • Earning :- $55 million
  • Born: August 10, 1962 (age 51), Hartford, Connecticut, United States
  • Spouse: Charles Pryor (m. 1992)
  • Awards: Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award, more
  • Education: Indiana University Bloomington, Alabama School of Fine Arts
  • Children: Charlie Pryor, Isabel Pryor

Bill O’Reilly :-

Bill O'Reilly

William James “Bill” O’Reilly, Jr. is an American television host, author, syndicated columnist and political commentator. He is the host of the political commentary program The O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel. Political commentator turned author, William “Bill” O’Reilly came into the world in 1949. Born in New York City, his family moved to Long Island shortly after his birth. Primary school was spent in parochial school, St. Brigid and, to please his father, who insisted that he attend catholic school, Chaminade High School.

He wrote for the school newspaper, The Circle, at Marist College. He received a BA in history at the University of London and following his graduation, Grisham taught history and English for 2 years at Monsignor Place High School in Miami. He returned to school the year after and received an MA in broadcast journalism from Boston University. He continued his writing as a reporter and columnist for various newspapers and then received a master of public administration from Harvard.

  • Earning :- $28 million
  • Born: September 10, 1949 (age 64), New York City, New York, United States
  • Height: 1.93 m
  • Spouse: Maureen E. McPhilmy (m. 1996–2011)
  • Movies and TV shows: The O’Reilly Factor, Inside Edition, more
  • Children: Spencer O’Reilly, Madeline O’Reilly

Danielle Steel :-

Danielle Steel

Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel, better known by the name Danielle Steel, is an American novelist, currently the best selling author alive and the fourth bestselling author of all time, with over 800 million copies sold. Fourth best-selling author of all time, Danielle Steel, had a life like one of her glamourous heroines. She was born and raised in the City that Never Sleeps, New York City. Spending most of her childhood in France and given the opportunity to attend her parents’ dinner parties, Steel was exposed to the lives of the well to do and famous.

After her parents’ divorce at the age of eight, though, she was raised first and foremost in New York City. Her passion for writing began at a young age with stories, before progressing to poetry by her late teens. After graduating high school in 1963, she went on to study literature and fashion design first at Parson’s School of Design, before transferring to New York University.

  • Earning :- $26 million
  • Born: August 14, 1947 (age 66), New York City, New York, United States
  • Height: 1.57 m
  • Spouse: Thomas Perkins (m. 1998–2002), more
  • Movies: Danielle Steel’s Star, Danielle Steel’s A Perfect Stranger, more
  • Children: Nick Traina, Beatrix Lazard Seidenberg, more

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