Top 10 Most Effective Tips to Cut Down Your Mobile Data Bill

Mobile phone is the most useful and wonderful invention of modern age. Mobile data bill system is enterprise application software designed to support the telecommunications billing processes. You were paying too much money for it every month. Stop doing it if over paying for what you need sounds like a bad idea to you. We tell some simple actions that you can take to cut down your cell phone bill.

Top 10 Most Effective Tips to Cut Down Your Mobile Data BillTop 10 Most Effective Tips to Cut Down Your Mobile Data Bill

  1. Schedule app updates over Wi-Fi:

When mobile app updates happen over your cellular data even something as simple as loading a webpage can become very slow. The continued mobile data use also bills up your phone and eats up your battery. Apps updating on Wi-Fi can help reduce your mobile data usage and Check if you have this setting enabled.

2. Disable Wi-Fi Assist:

Disabling Wi Fi Assist is a new iOS 9 setting that’s enabled by default. It can help save bill bandwidth too. This automatically switches to cellular in the event of a weak Wi-Fi connection then you can disable this feature in Settings > Cellular and then tapping on Wi-Fi Assist.

3. Set data alerts and limits:

When an iPhone running on iOS 7 you can check your data usage by going to Settings > Cellular and taking a look under Cellular Data Usage. At the start of each month for this to be useful you do have to remember to reset the tracker. It is a good idea to set a reminder, based on your billing period. You can go to Settings > Cellular and tapping Reset Statistics on the any day.

4. Change your browser:

Where possible you should only browse mobile versions of websites, as they tend to load faster and use less data and you should also avoid deleting your Internet cache. Every time you visit them by preserving your cache you won’t have to download photos from frequently visited websites.

5. Inspect Your Bill Closely:

This is the fact that many people don’t take a close enough look at their cell phone bills. Review your plan carefully for all the options included in your contract and make sure you were not paying for voice messaging and data features you do not need. Next time when your mobile phone bill comes check it closely for add on features and contact your mobile phone carrier to remove them if possible.

6. Disable media auto-download for WhatsApp:

WhatsApp can turn into a major bandwidth hog auto download turned on with. We can toggle the settings to disable auto download for photos over cellular or Wi-Fi for audio and videos sent by our contacts and groups. Just start the app, then go to Menu > Settings > Chats and calls > Media auto-download. There tapping on when using mobile phone data and de select all the options and tap OK to save your settings.

7. Go prepaid:

For your mobile phone paying service coming of time is a sure way to save money. It guarantees that you pay only for minutes that you will use. And prepaid mobile phones have come a long way in recent years with carriers offering various mobile phones and smartphones with prepaid plans. A light user could save as much as $40 off the price of a standard cell phone plan with SMS and data from a major carrier in one month.

8. Go contract free:

One way to poor your monthly mobile phone bill is to go contract free. This is not the same as buying a prepaid mobile phone. You still pay your carrier month to month for cellular service but you pay less. The trade off is that you pay more for the cell phone itself up front. It’s depending on the phone you choose and with this strategy you could save big in the long run.

9. Switch carriers:

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless are the big four in mobile phone service. They are hardly your only options. Opting for a similar plan from Sprint which is one of the only big carriers still offering an unlimited data option. It will cost you $99.99 a month for unlimited voice, data, and SMS. We can save $40 to $45 per month.

10. Stay Under Your Minutes:

It is a habitual problem that you crazier then to see a big fat recharge on your cell phone bill because you went over your minutes. If you’ll want to either change cell phone plans or cut your talk time. If you’ll want to either change cell phone plans or cut your talk time, you reduce the mobile bill.  One best tool to help monitor your usage is over my minutes.

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