Best Most Expensive Islands in the World 2016-17

In the world every one wants to enjoy the life. They visit different place in the world alone & with family. Some people want to live alone on peaceful place. It the modern day equivalent of being the master of your own castle – and usually in much more warm and beautiful places. You can have an extremely expensive watch, a huge mansion or even a private jet but nothing shows greater wealth and power than owning your very own piece of land surrounded on all sides by the sea. Here we share the list of most expensive Island in the world. See below the latest list of Island.

Lanai Island, Hawaii

Price: $600 million

Best Most Expensive Islands in the World 2016-17Best Most Expensive Islands in the World 2016-17

Lanai Island start the list of top most expensive island in the world. Lanai Island was purchased by the famous technological billionaire for almost $600 million which is considered as the most expensive private island of the world. Lanai island is also a privately owned that is not accessible to the people very easily and publicly. It is also called the pineapple island because in past the island was famous because of the high plantation of pineapple.

Lisbon Island, Portugal

Price: $310million

Lisbon stands on the 2nd number in the list of top most expensive island in the world. Lisbon is located in the center of Portugal and is not much developed but the country has strong plans for the developing and making it purely a luxurious private island that will be filled with all facilities of life. The island is virtually on the doorstep of Lisbon itself and is a massive 3000 acres. Lisbon island will most likely be purchased by multiple investors with an eye to develop it into whatever they see fit.

Rangyai Island

Price: $160 million

The 110 acre island also comes with a hefty price somewhere around $160 million. Rangyai is just 20 minutes away from the Phuket International Airport and is every bit as beautiful as its more famous neighbors and an amazing view of the Indian Ocean.

Necker Island, British Virgin Island

Price: $110 million

The price of Necker Island is estimated to be$110 million which is also owned privately. Necker Island is considered as one of the most beautiful and jewels of the whole British Virgin Island. It is located on The North side of the Virgin Gorda which is the whole country of the large islands of the world.

Ronde Island, Grenada

Price: $100 million

Best Most Expensive Islands in the World 2016-17Best Most Expensive Islands in the World 2016-17

Ronde Island contains number 5 in the list of most expensive Island in the world. Ronde Island 2,000 acre jewel is on sale for $100 million and features a breath taking setting rich wildlife and even a swim through cave opening to an underground cavern decorated with stalactites and quartz crystals. Ronde Island located in the most famous of tropical paradises.

James Island, Canada

Price: $75 million

The island including a masterpiece owners residence of 5.000 square feet, 6 beautiful appointed guest cottages, private docks and airstrip, pool house, managers residence and much more. James Island is situated within Canadas famous Gulf Island archipelago and is easily accessed by private plane or boar.

Caye Chapel Island

Price: $65 million

Caye Chapel is a small island 16 miles north east of Belize City. There’s nothing modest about this island though, with 265 of its 270 acres having been sold for no less than $65 million. The look of this islet is like a paradise and very relaxing. It has beautiful 8 villas and 11 large casitas which have the front view of a beach.

Omfori Island

Price: $59.5 million

Mainland Greece is surrounded by literally thousands of beautiful islands, greatly adding to its tourist appeal. Omfori Island, located in the Ionian Sea. Omfori is currently uninhabited and only has one building, but the place could be easily turned into an island paradise, as it features the usually beautiful Greek beaches and amazing turquoise waters.

Shelter Island

Price: $59 million

Rising from the water of Flathead Lake which is located in the northwest corner of the state of Montana. It is just one of several island found on its surface but it’s definitely the most remarkable. The 24 acre piece of land is the setting for the largest private home in Montana a unique 32000 square foot property featuring a 24000 square foot mansion as well as heated porticos and outdor entertainment facilities.

Dulichium Island, Greece

Price: $50 million

Dulichium is Greece’s largest private island situated to the northwest of the Greek mainland near the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth it’s surrounded by the beautiful deep blue to light green water of the lonian sea. The 1335 acre stretch of land has about 4000 olive trees and shrub. Which makes it a great target for either investors who want to turn it into next great tourist attraction.



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