Crazy-Expensive Items Even The Rich Can’t Afford

Being rich is kind of the level where you do not have to think about before buying. You just pick the pick you like. That’s the ultimate level of richness. We know that the real rich people spend their money on I don’t mean two vacations a year in a foreign land rich but oh look the lint in my belly button is actually gold dust rich. We were rich in love and supported and because of moms passion for baking cheesecake. Once you have started earning some extra zeroes in your bank account you may quickly find out that there are different levels of rich. I have always a knack for buying expensive toys long before I had ever had a job. Hopefully my cheapskate tricks can help you too which is why I share them here. Here is the some crazy expensive items even the rich cannot afford.

  1. Expensive Food:

Price: $1,000

Crazy-Expensive Items Even The Rich Can’t Afford

It is like you have done everything and then you decide that what you need in your life. In Serendipity 3 located at New York you will find the most expensive desert in the world. The ice cream sundae named Golden Opulence will cost you $1,000 which contains a golden eatable leaf. It is also served with caviar. Yeah, that’s the desert I want to taste but can’t.

2. Painting:

Price: $100 million

The painting has been sold to a museum in the oil-rich Arabian nation. Swiss media had reported earlier this week that the painting was bought by Qatari royalty for $300 million, making it the most expensive painting ever. Staehelin confirmed to a Swiss paper that the painting sold for more than double digit millions. It had been owned by a Swiss collection.

3. Sculptures:

Price: $300 million

It took only 9 hours to complete the masterpiece. Statue pointing man was lately bought at an auction for $141 million. Where some works of art take uncountable hours to complete Giacometti completed his statue in 1947.

4. Gold Toilet Paper:

Price: $1.3 million

The toilet paper promises to have golden flakes fall to your floor as your use the product. It sounds like it might be a hassle to clean up. That being said provided this was your go to brand you are literally flushing millions of dollars down the drain every single year. Everyone needs to use the washroom but imagine if every roll ran you #1.3 million.

5. Bathroom:

Price: $3.5 million

It features more than 6,000 gemstones including rubies, sapphires, and amber. Many rich people have super nice houses but sometimes the bathroom gets overlooked. Hong Kong jeweler Lam Sai Wing built himself the most expensive bathroom in the world spending more than $3.5 million. All of the bathroom fixtures are gold, made from 800 pounds of pure gold.

6. Island:

Price: $110 million

All meals and drinks including champagne, house wines, spirits and soft drinks are included at the island’s five restaurants and bars where top international chefs can tailor themed menus by request. Should you so choose, there’s even a traditional Fijian feast complete with native dancing and singing. Its price is $110 million.

7. Swedish Treskilling Stamp:

Price: $3.14 million

Crazy-Expensive Items Even The Rich Can’t Afford

A Swedish treskilling yellow broke the record for the most expensive stamp ever sold. It is believed that the rectangular treasure went for $3.14 million though it has never been confirmed. The treskilling yellow is one of about a half dozen highly notorious stamps in the world.

8. A Tomb For Your Burial:

Price: $1 billion

There is perhaps no bigger sign of wealth than dropping serious coin to make sure your body is buried in style. What do you do when you want to go big look no further than Nicholas cage. When you are among the living you may constantly be thinking about expenses. There may be no bigger shrine to look I have money than the gigantic tomb that cage purchased at a New Orleans cemetery. This is the most expensive item.

9. Exclusivity:

Price: $52 million

A classic Ferrari 250 GTO is reported to have been sold for $52 million, making it the world’s most expensive car. Bloomberg news states that the 1963 250 GTO race car was purchased last month from its previous owner Paul Pappalardo. The identity of the new owner, who bought the car in a private transaction, is not yet known says Bloomberg which reports that the sale and price of the car were disclosed to it by three independent specialist traders.

10. Superyacht:

Price: $1 billion

Not only does it nestle its passengers in the kind of luxury only billionaires can afford, it has a security system complete with water cannons, thermal imaging and acoustic shields. They are flagrant displays of concentrated wealth and it takes an awful lot of fuel to lug them around. But the uber rich are going to continue to buy yachts so they might as well be a tad less wasteful. This superyacht design from Palmer Johnson World uses the latest diesel-electric propulsion package from Rolls Royce, resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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