Most Expensive Cars 2016 Top 10 List from the World

Top 10 most expensive cars of the World for 2015-2016 with price some luxury features details. Most expensive cars 2015-2016 top 10 list from the world due to high priced, features, shape, luxury sports cars, Most expensive cars in the world updated list gets here from.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars 2015-2016:

  1. Maybach Exelero:

Country of Origin: Germany

Starting Price: $8 Million

The exelero, commissioned by the tyre company Fulda is a chopped-down two-seater coupe. During the tests this car reached the top speed of 218.38 miles per hour even though it weighed around 2.6 tones. It can accelerate from o to 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds. The benchmark 550 bhp v12 engine was prepared for 5.9 liters and tuned for 700 bhp with over 738 lb ft of torque. The final dimensions which were 5890 mm long, 2140 mm wide and just 1390 mm high the car was packed with a full-spec interior that included leather, neoprene, aluminum and the Carboniferous finisher.

  1. Lamborghini Veneno:

Country of Origin: Italy

Starting Price: $4.5 Million

We should have expected something this mad for Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary, but somehow we were still surprised. The Veneno is simply jaw-dripping. But the Veneno isn’t all looks and no go. The name is Spanish for “poison” and boy is that appropriate. This Italian thunderclap will bring to 60 in 2.8 seconds, probably faster than sound can leave your body during a terrified scream. The naturally aspirated V12 – because turbos are for sissies – hammers out 750 horsepower.

  1. W Motors Lykan Hyper sport:

Country of Origin: Lebanon

Starting Price: $3.4 Million

W Motors Lykan Hyper sport is one of the most impressive car in the world. It is purportedly good for 245 mph, and a 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds. This acceleration comes courtesy of a turbocharged V6, which, compared to some of the mammoth V12s sported by cars on this list, seems positively demure.

  1. Mansory Vivre: Bugatti Veyron:

Starting Price: $3.4 Million

The Mansory brand is very well known for creating the most amazing automotive works of art anyone has ever seen. From the Lamborghini Carbonado, to the Bugatti Veyron Vincero, which is the Viver’s predecessor, Mansory has established their reputation of consistently building and customized the most exclusive automobiles to hit the road. The interior and exterior were fully gutted, and completely customized to Vivere edition specs by the expert Mansory Craftsman. It draws a hyper-godly 1,200 hp from its W16. This is good for a top speed of 254 mph. the carbon fiber is painted French Racing Blue and the aluminum is left to its own burnished glory.

  1. Ferrari F60 America:

Country of Origin: America

Starting Price: $3.2 Million

For many years, Ferrari has sold some of the most beautiful, delicate, and aggressive cars the world has ever seen. In celebrating the company’s 60th birthday. The Ferrari F60 America comes with powerful V12 engine and comes in open-top driving mode. The F60 is based on the F12 Berlinetta, a car so crazy it left noted ‘POWEEEEERRRR, enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson scared. The F60’s 740-hp V12 will propel the car to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and on to a top speed of around 200 mph. Hopefully one of the ten people lucky enough to get their hands on the F60 America will test that out and let us know fast it really goes.

Top 10 Most Expensive cars in the world 2015-2016 listMost Expensive Cars 2015-2016 Top 10 List from the World

  1. Koenigsegg One:

Country of Origin: Sweden

Starting Price: $2.0 Million

Koenigsegg has long insisted that it created the fastest cars in the world, on the street or on the track. Sadly, when you are a company as small as Koenigsegg finding the facilities to test those claims can be very difficult, just ask Hennessey. Still, the crew from Sweden is not giving up on its dreams and if this report from Car and Driver is correct. When it comes the car world, Koenigsegg has been the crazy uncle off in the corner doing its own thing. Well that business model has really paid off because it has just achieved a very impressive automotive first, a one-to-one power-to-weight ratio in a road car. This insane machine weighs just 1,340 kilograms and puts out 1,340 horsepower.

  1. Zenvo ST1:

Country of Origin: Denmark

Starting Price: $1.8 Million

Zenvo St1 fastest production cars, gayot, Gey specs on the zenbo st1 and other high speed supercars with our list of the top 10 fastest cars in the world. The ST1 was initially designed as a rolling chassis, built around a steel backbone with double wishbone suspension and three way Ohlin’s adjustable dampers. The massive 7.0 liter supercharged and turbocharged V8 was positioned longitudinally directly behind the passenger cell, and the armory of radiators and other ancillaries were then scattered around the car.

  1. Lamborghini Reventon:

Country Origin: Italy

Starting Price: $1.6 Million

Lamborghini Reventon is one of the fabulous sports cars available in the sports car segment. Lamborghini Reventon is a car with seating capacity of two persons. It was produced in a limited number totaling around 27 including 7 for museums. Design of this car seems to be similar with the design of a small fighter plane, especially from the rear. Reventon is outfitted with highly advanced features and automatically braking system. The car includes three LCD’s in it. One is on the middle of dash board and rest of the two is positioned at the side of dash board. There are two automatic airbags in the car, for the safety of driver and another for the safety of the person sitting right next to driver.

  1. Aston Martin One-77:

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Starting Price: $1.4 Million

The Aston Martin One -77 which is one of world’s full carbon chassis vehicles which is dramatically styled too. The new crown jewel machine from the well renowned sports car maker is powered by a mammoth 7.3 liter engine generating a 750 Horse Power. The wide grille and the shape of the headlamps make it clear that the one-77 is part of the Aston Martin family. Once inside the cabin of the One-77, the long windscreen and delicately curved fascia offer an unobstructed view of the road. The hand stitched leather of the upholstery cushions occupants from the firm ride, whilst the six speeds automated manual gearbox handles the torque well even at low speeds.

  1. McLaren P1:

Country Origin: United Kingdom

Starting Price: $1.3 Million

The McLaren P1 is a limited edition super car that blends a gasoline electric hybrid drive train with striking looks and race inspired technology in order to provide an unmatched driving experience. Largely built out of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. The P1 features a truncated front end with a highly stylized front fascia, butterfly doors, headlamps that mimic McLaren’s boomerang shaped logo and flowing character lines that give the car a look of motion even when it’s standing still. The P1 is characterized by a high mounted center exhaust, a large spoiler, meandering LED tail lamps and a functional air diffuser. The two bucket seats are also crafted out of carbon fiber and filled with as little foam as possible. They can only be manually adjusted forward and backwards in order to avoid adding the unnecessary pounds typically associated with multi way adjustable setups.

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