The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

Sneakers are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise. Sneakers have evolved to be used for casual everyday activities. Men love their sneakers just as women love their stilettos though the former are so much more comfortable than the latter for there to be any kind of fair comparison. We consider these models expensive for different reasons in fact there might even be a pair you can snare right now with the paper in your pocket.

The signature sneakers line of Michael Jordan probably the best basketball player ever to play the game the air Jordan brand has embedded itself as an important piece of basketball culture and history. Some shoes just cost way too much money and some people are willing to drop big bucks on dressing up their feet. Thousands of dollars can be spent on a single pair of stilettos or sneakers. You will notice a trend when it comes to the most expensive sneakers ever sold. Here are the top 10 most expensive sneakers ever made.

  1. Nike SB Flom Dunk High $7500:

The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

They are available only in some stores and come in black and white basic color with gold and red accents. Nike has proved to be one of the best manufacturers of sneakers and Flom Dunk high shoes are proof of that. With the price of 7500 dollars these sneakers are on top of our list. This Nike SB Flom dunk high stands first in our list of being the most expensive sneaker in the world.

2. Nike Air Mag $6000:

They have a futuristic design with an electroluminescent out sole and a rechargeable battery that lasts for 3,000 hours. You will of course need to save up at least $6000 if you are even remotely interested in these designer creations. The people want to give to a good cause but they also wanted these awesome shoes. You might be looking at the Air Mag and wondering why it looks so familiar.

3. Rick Owens $5152:

Rick Owens is a Californian fashion label known for exploring dark described as glamour meets grunge. The labels namesake designer uses threadbare fabrics futuristic structures and dark color palettes for a disheveled yet contemporary aesthetic. Rick owners geo basket sneakers in black iguana leather feature a padded leather black panel and a side zipper. He is the most expensive in the list of sneakers.

4. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Paris $3500:

You want to go to any party and want to sport that funky look then this sneaker is the best option to wear on. French painter Bernard buffet is the man behind the artwork of this beautifully patterned shoe. It is one of the unique shoes in the world. Besides being a piece of footwear it is also a piece of art.

5. Nike ParaNorman Foamposite $3000:

The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

Nike Foamposite model is on our list and this ParaNorman model is available at a price of $3000. The sneakers are super strange when you give them a first look for they are completely film inspired. This is the most expensive. Unusual looks and vibrant green color these sneakers definitely attract attention.

6. Jimmy Choo Belgravia High Tops Star Studded $2350:

This long running women’s line introduced men’s sneakers a few years back and while they have not been pretty they sure have been expensive thanks in large part to the will known branding. Jimmy Choo is the most expensive price $2350. It is ironic that the most expensive shoe on this list probably looks the cheapest.

7. Christian Loudoutin Rantus Orlato Flat $1695:

Rantus  is a highly coveted high top that has become a staple in the Christian Louboutin men’s sneaker collection. In exotic Neptune python this version is ideal for the globe-trotting fashionable male who understands the language of luxury. Christian Louboutin’s signature red soles are not reserved for high heels. They are also the iconic detail found on his equally elegant men’s shoes. His structured upper and leather piping give him a purely masculine look. This exotic printed version is a guaranteed crowd.

8. Nike Air Foamposite $1500:

The Air Foamposite One has been a gold standard in footwear experimentation and innovation for the past two decades. Recognized for its futuristic design language still appearing to be ahead of its time today the shoe’s rugged upper has become a blank canvas for expression. Penny Hardaway popularized them on the court but its impact gradually spread to the streets with notable iterations like the Pearl, Copper and Galaxy.

9. Balmain High Top & Double Strap $1475:

If metallic silver is your thing, there is not a speck of fault you can find with these shoes, not in styling, nor in quality. Costing about $1475 the silver high tongued Balmain sneakers come in leather and have rubber soles. The sneakers go high on the ankles and are shut-in with two Velcro silver straps. Well affordability is another thing though.

10. Air Jordan 2 Eminen 313 $1000:

The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

Images of the sneaker showed it aged poorly and clearly did not receive avid care from its former owners. While not exactly a popular model among basketball fans and sneaker lovers this particular pair of Air Jordan 2 surprisingly netted $1,000. Still it is a 28 year old pair of basketball history that will probably grace the insides of a glass case and find a spot in a sports or sneakers museum.

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