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The Highest Paying Jobs 2016 in The World

A job is an activity often regular and often performed in exchange for payment. A person job is their role in society. Job is presented as a good and prosperous family man who is beset with horrendous disasters that take away that entire he holds dear including his offspring his health and his property. The activity that requires a person mental or physical effort is work.

If a person is trained for a certain type of job they may have a profession. The series of jobs a person holds in their life is their career. The rankings were based on factors like stress income potential and conditions of working environments. As a result money spurs why we work and often the professions we choose. Petroleum Engineer and Data Scientist also make a strong showing with both jobs paying median wages well into 2015.

Still money is not the be all and end all of a profession nor is it the exclusive factor determines your satisfaction with the work you do. People who do not have enough money for their leisure then it seem that may be in a wrong profession as per their skills and talent. There are several professions that provides attractive salary the below list of professions makes the life easy of an individual to pick the highly paid professions in their life and earn highest salary. Here is list of top 5 highest paying jobs 2016 in the world.

  1. Physicians, Surgeons Dentists:

The Highest Paying Jobs 2016 in The WorldA physician is a professional who practices medicine which is concerned with promoting maintaining or restoring human health through the study diagnosis and treatment of disease injury and other physical and mental impairments. Physicians, surgeons and dentists professional liability insurance has proved to be a difficult line for the standard insurance market for a number of years. Physicians have the highest paying jobs on the list. He is lead with pick a median annual wage of 235,070 followed by surgeons who earn 233,150. Dentists round out the list with $168,870. All physicians surgeons and dentists examine patients diagnose problems and treat medical conditions.

2. Chief Executives $178,400:

The Highest Paying Jobs 2016 in The WorldThis is the highest paid job where professionals are able to fetch an annual income of 178,400. The salary of these professionals increases rapidly after gaining experience of 6 and above years. The average worker last year saw an increase in their pay that pay that was more than 60% greater than the increase in pay for the average CEO. Chief executives usually have at least a bachelor degree in business and many have a master degree. In USA California has highest number of CEOs.

3. Nurse Anesthetists $157,690:

The Highest Paying Jobs 2016 in The WorldNurse Anesthetists also known as advanced practice registered nurses are registered nurses with additional education. The pay is good. In 2016 nurse anesthetists made a median salary of $157,690. Health officials are projecting a severe shortage of health care professionals brought about by health reform and an aging baby boom generation. Many of nurse anesthetists first worked as registered nurses where their treatment of patients extended to holistic and wellness care and NP brigs that back ground to his or her diagnosis treatment and management of medical issues.

4. Petroleum Engineers $149,180:

The Highest Paying Jobs 2016 in The WorldPetroleum engineers look at ways to extract oil, gas and other natural resources through the use of wells. Employers typically prefer individuals who possess a bachelor degree in petroleum engineering although applicants with degrees in other engineering majors or in other areas such as physical science may be hired. The average petroleum engineer makes a better than average wage. He is highest paid nationally earning an annual wage of $149,180. Petroleum engineering programs at schools around the country the country can help prepare you for a career in helping meet the nation energy needs.

5. Managers $136,540:

The Highest Paying Jobs 2016 in The WorldManagers make crucial decisions about engineering projects and supervise other engineering personnel. Typical responsibilities include drawing up budgets and project timetables hiring and firing staff setting work schedules and checking the accuracy of work done of subordinates. The average of salary for an architectural manager was $136,540 in 2016. Manger must often make decisions about things. At least a minimum managers need to hold a bachelor degree in engineering. Managers tend to be paid very well although some make especially high salaries.

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