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The Most Expensive Airlines In The World

People when having a long flight want to book ticket on a comfortable airline so that they can rest also while traveling. All the expensive airlines are also providing luxurious journey facilities to the travelers as well as many facilities to them. Airline companies have introduced much innovation in their facilities within the aircraft to separate themselves from competition and keep their elite customers vouching for their services. My sample sizes are unfairly small but nonetheless here are my impressions of recent long haul flights with four of the world most prestigious airlines.

Singapore airlines introduced suites class the most luxurious and expensive class of flying that is commercially available. Flying in the suites also includes an invitation to the private room which is higher than first class. These sorts of scenarios are commonplace in the economy class section of a flight but head a little further beyond the curtain and a whole new world awaits you first class. The airlines have introduced spectacular ways to upgrade their facilities and impress their elite customers and to keep them coming back. Here is the list of the top most expensive airlines in the world.

  1. Cathay Pacific airways limited:

Net Worth: $31,300

The Most Expensive Airlines In The World

2. Emirates airline:

Net Worth: $21,000

3. Air France:

Net Worth: $8,100

4. All Nippon airways:

Net Worth: $7500

5. Japan airlines:

Net Worth:$7,000

The Most Expensive Airlines In The World

6. British Airways:

Net Worth: $6,600

7. Singapore Airlines:

Net Worth: $5,100

8. Swiss International Airlines:

Net Worth: $5,000

9. Virgin Atlantic:

Net Worth: $5,000

10. Etihad:

Net Worth: $4,900

The Most Expensive Airlines In The World

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