Top 10 Highest Google adsense Earners 2016 in the world

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. AdSense has become one of the popular programs that specializes in creating and placing banner advertisements on a website, because the advertisements are less intrusive and the content of the advertisements is often relevant to the website.

Make money using Google Adsense is one of the best way for making money online. They will pay you pay per snap means it is a PPC system. Higher worker rundown of adsense distributor is exceptionally helpful for calendar or our future in blogging profession I am to say you simple read their bogging vocation and tail them for better success.

There are more than 35 million sites that are using AdSense to change their hard work into money. Google AdSense is the dream of every blogger. Every blogger wants to achieve a Google AdSense approved account and wants to be among the sum of highest Google AdSense earners in the world. I am sharing the list of 10 top AdSense earners which will compel you to think about AdSense and its potential.

  1. Courtney Rosen:

Top 10 Highest Google adsense Earners 2016 in the world


Earning: $soon

Daily Page Views: 38,210,000

[sociallocker] [/sociallocker]

Daily Unique Visitors: 4,770,000

Alexa Rank: 223

Registered In: 1999

Blog About – Online How to Stuff, how to guide web, Tutorials

2. Pete Cashmore:


Earning: $250,000/month

Alexa Rank: 221

Daily Unique Visitors: 3,800,000

Daily Page Views: 29,210,000

Backlinks: 96,776

Registered In: 2005

About: Technology, lifestyle, business and world

3. Shawn Hogan:


Earning: $195,000/month

Alexa Rank: 1008

Daily Unique Visitors: 3,200,000

Daily Page Views: 26,210,000

Backlinks: 8,679

Registered In: 1999

About: forum on blogging and seo marketing

4. Markus Frind:

Top 10 Highest Google adsense Earners 2016 in the world


Earning: $190,000/month

Alexa Rank: 395

Daily Unique Visitors: 3,000,000

Daily Page Views: 20,100,000

Backlinks: 56,369

Registered In: 2000

About: Online dating around the world

5. Kevin Rose:


Earning: $150,000/month

Alexa Rank: 482

Daily Unique Visitors: 1,900,000

Daily Page Views: 15,200,000

Backlinks: 630,876

Registered In: 2000

About: Sharing blogs and contents

6. Michael Arrington:

Top 10 Highest Google adsense Earners 2015 in the world


Earning: $100,000/month

Alexa Rank: 409

Daily Unique Visitors: 2,100,000

Daily Page Views: 13,100,000

Backlinks: 87,701

Registered In: 2011

About: Technology news

The website is sold to AOL On September 28, 2010 for $20 Million.

7. Perez Hilton:


Earning: $60,000/month

Alexa Rank: 107

Daily Unique Visitors: 1,000,000

Daily Page Views: 1,210,000

Backlinks: 13,172

Registered In: 2005

About: Celebrities activity

8. Jeremy Schoemaker:


Earning: $80,000/month

Daily Page Views: 410,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 70,000

Alexa Rank: 14960

Registered In: 2003

About: Skills to pay the bills

9. Amit Agarwal:


Earning: $50,000/month

Daily Page Views: 3,100,000

Daily Unique Visitors: 390,000

Alexa Rank: 2733

Registered In: 2007

About: Technology Blog

10. Pankaj Agarwal:

Top 10 Highest Google adsense Earners 2015 in the world


Earning: $9,000/month

Alexa Rank: 4766

Daily Unique Visitors: 130,000

Daily Page Views: 1,000,000

Backlinks: 1,585

Registered In: 2003

About: Buying and Selling Ads

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