Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees in Business

You are considering a degree in business management taking a look into each management field will help you make a decision to obtain the position that will work best for you. If salary potential matters to you we have the data that will help you choose a major that leads to high pay. We included the salary for someone with a typical amount of experience in each job. More and more people are earning college degree.

You are struggling to decide between two courses it can be good to consider future prospects. There are a large number of high paying jobs that require only an associate’s degree. They key to maximizing that investment knows which areas within business pay the highest salaries. Connections also count in the business world. Many students will often tailor their original decision to one of these degrees after reviewing the list. Here is the list of the top 10 highest paying degree in business.

Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees in BusinessTop 10 Highest Paying Degrees in Business

  1. Entrepreneurship M.S or B.S in Entrepreneurship or MBA in Entrepreneurship:

Top ranked entrepreneurship programs

  • Post University B.S Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Walden University MBA Entrepreneurship

Earn: $158,560

2. E-commerce M.S or B.S in E-commerce or MBA in E-commerce:

Featured E-commerce programs

  • Forstis College AAS Internet Marketing
  • Liberty University online B.S Business Administration, Digital Marketing and Advertising

Earn: $127,870

3. Marketing M.S or B.S in Marketing or MBA in Marketing:

Top ranked marketing programs

  • American Intercontinental University BBA Marketing
  • Colorado State University Global Campus B.S Marketing
  • Kaplan University MBA Marketing

Earn: $112,800

4. Finance M.S or B.S in Finance or MBA in Finance:

Top ranked Finance programs

  • Post University B.S Finance
  • Walden University B.S Finance

Earn: $99,330

5. Human Resource Management M.S or B.S in Human or MBA in Human Resource:

Top ranked Human Resources programs

  • American Intercontinental University BBA Human Resource Management
  • Colorado Technical University BSBA Human Resource Management
  • Strayer University MBA Human Resources Management

Earn: $96,130

6. Economics M.S or B.S in Economics or MBA in Economics:

Featured economic programs

  • Regent University B.S Business, Economics

Earn: $83,590

7. Healthcare Management M.S in Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management or MBA in Healthcare Administration:

Top ranked Healthcare Management Programs

  • Walden University B.S Health Management
  • Capella University B.S Health Care Management
  • Virginia College MBA Healthcare

Earn: $80,240

8. Global Business M.S in International Business or MBA in International Business:

Top ranked Global Business programs

  • American Intercontinental University B.S International Business
  • Colorado Technical University B.S International Business
  • California InterContinental University MBA International Management and Marketing

Earn: $73,570

9. Business Administration/Management MBA:

Top ranked Business Administration Programs

  • Post University B.S Business Administration
  • Grand Canyon University MBA

Earn: $62,900

10. Accounting M.S or B.S in Accounting or MBA in Accounting:

Top ranked Accounting Programs

  • Kaplan University B.S Accounting
  • Everest University Online Bachelor’s in Accounting
  • Strayer University MBA Accounting

Earn: $45,900

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