Top 10 Richest Hockey Players of All Time in The World

Hockey is a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick. In many areas one sport typically field hockey or ice hockey is generally referred to simply as hockey. Most evidence of hockey like games during the middle Ages is found in legislation concerning sports and games. Organizations dedicated to the codification of rules and regulations began to form and national and international bodies sprung up to manage domestic and international competition.

Field hockey is played on gravel natural grass sand-based or water based artificial turf with a small, hard ball approximately 73 mm in diameter. The game is popular among both males and females in many parts of the world particularly in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina. In most countries the game is played between single sex sides although they can be mixed sex. This list will feature 10 players who have managed to live a pretty good life during their hockey careers. Here is the list of top 10 hockey players of all time in the world.

  1. Wayne Gretzky $200 Million:

Top 10 Richest Hockey Players of All Time in The World

Wayne Gretzky has been referred to as the great one as well as the best Canadian hockey player of all time. Wayne Gretzky is known to be as one of the legendary hockey players. It has been stated that the total amount of Wayne Gretzky net worth reaches an estimate of 200 million dollars. Born in Canada Wayne Gretzky is also known as a former head coach. Wayne Gretzky played in the NHL. During this time he belonged to four different teams. All in all Wayne Gretzky played between the years 1979-1999 in the NHL all in all in 20 seasons. This experience added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Wayne Gretzky net worth.

2. Mario Lemieux $150 Million:

Mario Lemieux was one of the NHL highest paid players. Now that he an owner he is all for players making big money except if they play for his Pittsburgh Penguins. Mario Lemieux born 5 October 1965 is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. He played parts of 17 seasons with the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Pittsburgh Penguins between 1984 and 2006. Dubbed The Magnificent One he is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest players of all time. Added to his incredible $150 million net worth. A gifted play maker and fast skater despite his large size, Lemieux often beat defense men with fakes and dekes.

3. Pavel Bure $68 Million:

Bure Pavel has also competed internationally for Soviet Union and Russia. He won the two silver medals and a gold in three world junior championships. It was followed by a gold and silver medal in the 1999 and 1991. Pavel Bure is a retired Russian hockey player who has an estimated net worth of $68 million. He played three seasons with the central red army team before his NHL career. He signed a deal with the panthers after seven seasons with the Canucks. He won back to back rocket Richard trophies as the league leading goal scorer.

4. Chris Pronger $65 Million:

Chris Pronger was born 10 October 1974 is a Canadian professional ice hockey defense men who is currently under contract with the Arizona coyotes of the national hockey league NHL. He played minor hockey and signed with the Stratford Collations Jr. B club. He was traded to the Edmonton oilers and signed a five year $65 million deal. As a member of team Canada pronger won old medals at the 2002 and 2010 winter Olympics.

5. Jarome Lginla $60 Million:

Top 10 Richest Hockey Players of All Time in The World

One of the wealthiest NHL player’s lginla was a member of 2 Memorial cup winning teams when he played for the Kamloops blazers and was named the western hockey league player of the year in 1996. Jarome is a Canadian professional ice hockey player and an alternate captain for the Colorado avalanche in the NHL. In the 2003 and 2004 season the NHL player captained the Calgary Flames to the Stanley cup. Lginla is not only highly respected as a hockey player everyone loves him for his amazing personality.

6. Joe Sakic $60 Million:

Sakic made $17 million in the 1997-1998 seasons after making in the $2-3 million range for the beginning of his career. Sakic was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2012 after a 20 year career with the Quebec/Colorado franchise and finished his career with 625 goals, 1,016 and 1,641 career points while winning two Stanley Cups one Conn Smythe, one Hart one Lady Byng and numerous to 10 finishes for the Selke. He would cash in with a five year $36,234,481 deal in 2001 after he won the Hart Lady Byng and finished second in the Selke after winning his second Cup.

7. Joe Thornton $60 Million:

A six time all stars Jumbo saw his salary start to climb toward the end of his sixth season with Boston. By the time joined the Sharks he was earning an astonishing $6.6 million per year. Added in endorsement deals and contract increases over the last 10 years and a $60 million net worth definitely who not be the max for this hockey star. Recognized as the league is leading point scorer and MVP with an Art Ross Trophy and a Hart Memorial Trophy Thornton is only missing a Stanley cup to complete his trophy case.

8. Nicklas Lidstrom $60 Million:

The top defense men of all time distinction wrapped up lidstrom to many has one of the best claims to second all time on that list. Lidstrom smooth play seeming incapability to make mistakes and ability to make even the most difficult plays look effortless sometimes disguised just how truly talented he was as a player. Ever since his departure from the Red Wings their defense has been in shambles which is a testament to his ability.

9. Rob Blake $ 60 Million:

Rob Blake net worth was estimated to be $60 million. Robert Bowldy Blake is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey player and the current assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Kings of the national hockey league. Blake played for team Canada in three consecutive winter Olympics in 1998, 2002 and 2006 winning gold in 2002 and becoming the eleventh member of the triple gold club. For years later in 2014 Blake was elected into the hockey hall of fame.

10. Bobby Orr $60 Million:

Top 10 Richest Hockey Players of All Time in The World

He is the only player to make the NHL as an 18 year old rookie during the original six teams. The only way that he was stopped was they shopped his knees out from under him. I would like to have seen an Orr surrounded by a team like the 80 oilers to see what they could have done to the record book. We did get a glimpse of that in 1976 with the Canada cup. Orr was the greatest hockey player he changed the game he was 14 trying out for the Boston bruins just 14 he was the greatest player in the game.

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