Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in The World 2016

This page is a list of most expensive horse breeds in the word 2016. In most cases bloodlines of horse breeds are recorded with a breed registry. However in horses the concept is somewhat flexible as open stud books are created for developing horse breeds that are not yet fully true breeding. The horses are very popular pets. There are some of the horses which have a very high rate in the market. There are many people who made the horses one of the expensive animals in this world.

There is some debate about the nature of animals in sport and no shortage of allegations regarding mistreatment and abuse of horses that have raised some debate and controversy in equestrianism for the most part and culture is still seen as a highly civilized one. We also know that some people are willing to pay a lot of money for a house like that. Here is the list of the top 10 most expensive horse breeds in the world 2016.

  1. Arabian Horse $500:

Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in The World 2016

These horses are very unique for its high for its high tail carriage and head shape which makes it a very unique in the world of the horses. It is the most expensive horses in the market. The color of the horse is black and they have very stunning look. These horses have a dished face and thus they look very beautiful. These horses are used in trade and war. It is also the oldest horse.

2. Shareef Dancer $450:

This horse actually was a race horse with a modest career but because he is a son of Northern dancer he was very wanted as a breeding stallion so that is what he became. The horse was bought by the Emir of Dubai for only 40 million dollar.

3. Annihilator $400:

He is the strong strength of running. Annihilator is one of best horses in this world with the speed and run he takes is known as one of the best abilities this horse of dark brown chocolate color.

4. Green Monkey $340:

The green monkey made the second start of his career at Belmont part on October 13 in a seven furlong race for non winners. The green monkey was officially retired February 12 2008 after failing to break his maiden in his three career starts. This horse has been rated in the top 10 power aces of the world.

5. Seattle Dancer $300:

Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in The World 2016

Seattle Dancer was an Irish thoroughbred racehorse who is the most expensive yearling every sold at public auction. Brought to Bally Doyle in Ireland a virus swept through the stables the kept a weakened Seattle dancer out of racing as a two year old. At the same racecourse in what would prove to be his final race Seattle dancer ran second in the group 1 Grand Prix de Paris.

6. Pine Chip $230:

Snow white was a champion standard bred racing horse. She was sired by self possessed out of mom’s millionaire a pine chip mare. Pine chip was well known not only for her wins in the 2007 breeder crown 2007 goldsmith maid and 2007 Oakville stakes but for her winning margins in these races. The only two times she lost where races in which she broke stride. She had gone off as the post time favorite in every of her starts.

7. Totilas $200:

Totilas is considered to be the most expensive horse breeds in the world. The Dutch horse has broken countless records for points recorded during competition formerly held the grand prix freestyle dressage world record for highest score and is the only dressage horse to score above 90 in competition. At one time Totilas and rider Edward Gal were considered rock stars in the horse world. It is most expensive price is $200.

8. Jalil $170:

The price paid for this amazing horse was of $million and right his purchase he was sent to Europe to be trained by Saeed bin Suroor. His racing career started in 2006 at the new market racecourse of Suffolk England having multiple successes until 2008. This race horse was sired by Storm Cat the grandson of northern dancer which was one of the most influential sires in thoroughbred history.

9. Fusaichi Pegasus $150:

The most expensive horse ever sold was a race horse as well. During his career Pegasus earned 1.994.400 dollar racing. After his retirement he became one of the most wanted breeding horses since Shareef Dancer. Because his breeding career was rather disappointing he is now available for breeding if you pay a fee of only 7000 dollar. This makes him the most expensive and maybe also the worst investment ever in horse business.

10. Dalmatian Horse $110:

Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in The World 2016

The Dalmatian horse or British Spotted pony is a rare find with less than 200 being born in the United Kingdom each year. Until recently they have been believed to be a modern introduction of horse. It is now though these amazing these amazing animals have been around for at least 25,000 years.

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