Top 10 Most Expensive TVs in the World

All latest televisions are very expensive as well affordable for everyone. Some companies are still making TV which is affordable for them while some are charging much high prices. The prices in our list of 10 most expensive televisions in the world will certainly blow your mind. A standard television set is composed of multiple internal electronic circuits including a tuner for receiving and decoding broadcasting signals.

When it comes to watching television sometimes we cannot ask for more than functioning sound and decent picture quality. Most of they have nothing so special other than their body plated with ppure gold and studded with preious diamonds. Most of the companies make TVs that can be affordable for the buyers their prices might vary by hundreds of dollars depending on their features. Here is the list of top 10 most expensive TVs in the world.

  1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition:

Net Worth: $2.26 million

Top 10 Most Expensive TVs in the World

It is a more expensive because it is further coated with rose gold of about 28kgs. This television is further studded with diamonds and gold as well. It is best for people loving expensive products to maintain their status and own something more precious. It is a 55 inches TV. It price is $2.26 million that is not affordable for everyone. It is the most expensive television in the world.

2. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition:

Net Worth: $1.5 million

Prestige HD supreme edition is a television which is built truly for the super rich. This 55 inch television has 19kg of yellow of 22K quality. This TV is also studded with topaz and aventurine gems. It has 48 excellent diamonds cut in around shape and weighing 0.75 carat per price.

3. Panasonic Plasma TV:

Price: $500,000

Talking about records it is also known as the largest plasma TV in the world with weight over half a ton. The price of the TV is as big as its size a full $500,000. The Panasonics 152 inch plasma TV is not only the most expensive television ever produced by Panasonic but it is also rated among the most expensive in the world.

4. Sharp LB 1085 LCD TV:

Price: $160,000

Even if the panel is installed in a wide open space its large size provides a dynamic impact that brings images vibrantly to life. Measuring 108 inches diagonally the LB-108 inches diagonally the LB-1085 is world’s largest commercially available LDC panel. Across every inch of its impressive screen space this panel delivers high quality images in beautiful high resolution.

5. Beovision 4- 103:

Price $140,000

Top 10 Most Expensive TVs in the World

Beovision 4-103 is manufactured by a company named Bang & Olufsen. Bang and Olufsen are headquartered in Struer, Denmark and specialize in manufacturing of audio products and television. A gigantic price of $136,000 makes it eligible to be included in our list.

6. Yalos Diamond:

Price: $140,000

It was designed by the Japanese designer taka hide Sano and is by farm the most expensive television ever manufactures by the company. The Yalos Diamond TV manufactured by Keymat industries of Italy is a 46 inch television that is studded with diamonds worth 20 carats on its front panel.

7. Panasonic TH 103VX200W:

Price: 100,000

This is the most expensive TV. Taking over 7th palce in the countdown of top 10 most expensive TV in the world in the Panasonic TH. This highly talented and great value TV swerves that elephant in the room which some pin sharp pictures to add to its impressive smart TV OS. With free view play incoming it’s an early front runner for the best value 4k screen around. It is a really use eight million pixels by boosting black levels color and up scaling prowess to make everything save for standard definition look sumptuous.

8. Samsung UHD S9:

Price: $38,000

Watch any movie, sport, show or streaming content at 4 times the resolution of full HD with UHD upscalling. UHD Upscaling delivers the complete UHD picture experience with a proprietary process including signal analysis, noise reduction, UHD upscaling and detail enhancement to seamlessly upconvert SD, HD or full HD content to near UHD level picture quality.

9. Sony 84 inch TV:

Price $25,000

I entered Sonys demonstration room solidly believing that 4K TVs are stupid. At even massive screen sizes like the 84 inches of the XBR-84X 900 sciences says the human eye. Sony known’s the math behind TV resolution and seating distance, obviously, because it has set up our two prime viewing seats about 8 feet from the big screens. That’s too close for most viewers and for most of the palatial dens and living rooms of thins TVs target audience.

10. LG 84 inch TV:

Price: $20,000

Top 10 Most Expensive TVs in the World

LG the Korean Electronics Giant has launched84 inch ultra hd TV equipped with 3D technology. LG gives you multiple ways to share those vacation photos that family video or your favorite’s song on your TV from a compatibles device like a smart phone or tablet. Enjoy easy to use easy to share 3D glasses outstanding picture picture quality and dazzling 3d effects. Its price is $20,000.

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