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Top 10 of the Most Expensive Pets 2016

Pets commonly provide their owners physical and emotional benefits. Pets can give companionship to elderly adults who do not have adequate social interaction with other people as well as other people that are living alone. There is a medically approved class of therapy animals mostly dogs or cats that are brought to visit confined humans. Any proud pet owner will argue that their furry feathered or scaly friend is priceless yet there are certainly some pets that cost far more than others.

Though both dogs and cats are by far the most popular pet of choice overall there are still over 170 million fish in tanks in people homes and nearly 15 million horses in stables across the country. Based upon the members it is clear people love the companionship that pets provide.

It is not often that dogs sell for such high prices but exotic pets are a different story. Having a pet is quite an enjoyable experience gives you a feeling of joy and attachment the best thing about having a pet is that you will never feel alone as it will always keep you company. Pets can be visit genuine closest companion. They are the great listener. The more you will love them the more they will love you consequently. Here are the list of top 10 most expensive pets 2015 and 2016.

Top 10 of the Most Expensive Pets 2016Top 10 of the Most Expensive Pets 2016

  1. German Shephard:

German shephard is thought to be the most astute and neighborly natured puppy among the pooch crew. He is kept in a house as a gatekeeper. This canine ends up being exceptionally faithful to its expert. This canine is attractive. It is a decent companion natured pet. This pet expenses $24,000.

2. White Bengal Tigers:

The white tigers are extremely rare and beautiful breed recognised for its creamy white furry skin and beautiful blue eyes. There are illegal to be kept but according to resources they can cost $100,000 and higher. Though domestication of wild animals especially the endangered ones like white tigers is not legal but still they hit the charts as the most expensive pets also most expensive animals around the world.

3. Arabian Horse:

Arabian houses are known and valued for their strong skeletal speed and endurance which is the reason that they are used to rectify other horse breeds. An Arabian horse will cost around $100,000 and even higher. This is the one of the most beautiful and highly expensive horse breed of all time.

4. Elite Ram:

Top 10 of the Most Expensive Pets 2016Some 20 years earlier in 1989 an Australian ram sold for $352,000. A member of the Texel Sheep Society explained that though for most people it is a ridiculous price for a pile of lamb chops these elite animals are the top of the genetic pile and represent an investment for a sheep breeder.

5. Chimpanzees:

A chimpanzee as a pet seems like it could be pretty cool. They are extremely intelligent very similar to humans in a lot of ways and always seem like loyal buddies in the movies. A chimpanzee will cost you $ 60,000 and an exotic animal permit and license. They are also a very aggressive endangered species meant to live in central and western Africa. Where some owners have gone so far as to remove a chimpanzee teeth to stop them from biting or remove their thumbs in an effort to stop them from climbing.

6. Savannah Cat:

Very social faithful and intelligent compared to typical cats the Savannah cat is a crossbreed between a domestic cat and the wild serval. The Savannah cat is most expensive pets $60,000. The Savannah cat combines loyalty good nature and an impressive ability to learn tricks. While striking and elegant this cat is more reminiscent of a dog in behavior.

7. Pacific Bluefin Tuna:

This is great animal. This breed is marvelous in its look. This is found in the Pacific Ocean. Dark blue shading adds extravagance to its excellence. It is exceptionally uncommon to get bluefin fish. It is so because it is chased by the ocean seekers for its substance which is extremely divine. This is mostly embraced by the Japanese proprietors costing close about $$60,000.

8. Camel:

Camels have been domesticated for over 5,000 years so their use as pets and labour animals is nothing new outside of the west. Factor in food and health requirements not to mention a specialized vet familiar with treating camels and you have a very expensive proposition. Apart from the 10 grand you well need to buy your camel and you will also have to have the animals shipped from wherever it is coming from costing plenty more. A camel will cost around $50,000.

9. White Lion Clubs:

Top 10 of the Most Expensive Pets 2016This white lion clubs come from a very rare lion breed. White lions can be found but only rarely in the South African wildlife. They are not known to be a special subspecies yet so it was known that they are home grown to South Africa’s Timbavati area. The Global White Lion Protection Trust has announced that there are now approx 300 living white lions worldwide and they are cast $50,000. Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in the World

10. Hyacinth Macaw:

The largest type of flying parrot in the world the hyacinth macaw is near closer and closer to endangerment. The bird can have wingspan of up to four feet and grow to be 40 inches long. Furthermore prone to biting the Macaw must be trained early on not to try extracting fingers from its owners. He is the most expensive $40,000 cost. They are also extremely strong so keeping them in re enforced cages is a good idea to prevent a breakout.

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