Top 10 Richest Chief Selector of Football in the world

Football team is the collective name given to group of players selected together in the various team sports known as football. The term football club is the most commonly used for a sports club which is an organised or incorporated body with a president committee and a set of rules responsible for ensuring the continued playing existence of one or more team which are selected for regular competition play.

The clubs are sometimes used interchangeably by supporters although they typically refer to the team within the club playing in the highest competition. The football squad may be used to be inclusive of these supports and reserve players. Should that come off, United are likely to overtake Real Madrid, who have topped Deloitte’s rich list for the last 10 years. Manchester United does not have 600 million fans worldwide making them the best supported club in the world. Here is the list of the top 10 richest chief selector of football in the world.

  1. Real Madrid:

Net Worth: $3.44 billion

Top 10 Richest Chief Selector of Football in the world

The club is most valuable le sports team in the world net worth $2.44 billion and world’s highest earning football club for 2013 and 2014. The club is one of the most widely supported teams in the world. Real Madrid is one of three founding members of the Primera Division that have never been relegated from the top division along the Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona. Real Madrid establishes itself as a major force in both Spanish and European football during the 1950s. The club also leads the current UEFA club rankings.

2. FC Barcelona:

Net Worth: $3.2 billion

Barcelona are coming into 2015 and 2016 period astride a historic treble as they won fourth champs organization title in last one decade making them one of the most successful team of current past history. FC Barcelona is the second richest club on the planet simply behind Genuine Madrid as well as that’s primarily down to their success on the area in last 1 decade. On 7 June Barcelona revealed the transfer of right wing Aleix Vidal from fellow La Liga outfit and also 2015 UEFA Europa League champions Sevilla. The player will certainly sign up with on a 5 year handle a transfer fee of 18 million Euros plus variables.

3. Manchester United:

Net Worth: $3 billion

Manchester United there is various things that underpin their brand. One is obviously their strong history and on pitch success. The club’s brand value is now worth more than $3 billion and it overtook last year’s number one and number two respectively Bayern Munuch and Real Madrid despite Bayern ending on top of the Bundesliga table this season and Real only just finishing behind Barcelona in Spain’s Liga. It is United’s widespread success and historic fan base that helped them become a top player financially despite not being the leader in the league table.

4. FC Bayern Munich:

Net Worth: $2.37 billion

Impressive financial and a growing international reputation to quality football has seen Bayern brand value hit $2.37 billion demoting united to second place. Brand value the estimated cost a third party would have to pay to license the use of the brand and is based on analysis f metrics such as team performance, revenue, squad value, attendance and the utilization of stadiums. Bayern is a most valuable team is the world sprots.

5. Manchester City:

Net Worth: $1.37 billion

The club most recent financial reports in November 2015 shoed profit following the elimination of amortised transfer fees and a reduced salary bill which was incurred during the early years of Mansour investment. The club has been owned by Sheikh Mansour one of football wealthiest owners with an estimated individual nets worth of at least 1.37 billion with a family fortune of at least $1 trillion. In the 2015 and 2015 season the club is the second richest football club in England revenue and overall is the fifth worldwide with revenue.

6. Chelsea:

Net Worth: $7.8 billion

He is best known outside Russia as owner of Chelsea football club and English premier league football team. Abramovich’s net worth is $7.8 billion. This makes him the 12th richest person in Russia and the 137th richest person in the world.

7. Arsenal:

Net Worth: $1.30 billion

Top 10 Richest Chief Selector of Football in the world

The club was named the seventh most valuable association football club valued at $1.37 billion. Arsenal has one of the highest incomes and largest fan bases in the world. The clubs colors are traditionally red and white. The club plays in the primer league the top flight of English football. One of the most successful clubs in English football they have won 13 first division and premier league titles and a record 12 FA cups.

8. Liverpool:

Net Worth: $982 million

Liverpool value has jumped by 42% club now ranked the eight most valuable football clubs in the world in this year. Liverpool has leaped forged Italian giants Juventus ninth and AC Milan 10th primarily on the back of the recent £5.136 billion domestic television deal for premier league clubs. Liverpool premier league rivals are expanding at just as quick or at an even greater rate. Officials at Old Trafford signed a long term kit sponsorship deal with US car giant Chevrolet worth a reported £53 million per season.

9. Juventus:

Net Worth: $837 million

The club is the third oldest of its kind in the country and has spent the majority of its history, with the exception of the 2006–07 season, in the top flight First Division. Juventus is a professional Italian association football club based in Turin, Piedmont. Juventus is historically the most successful club in Italian football and one of the most laureate and important globally. After their triumph in the Intercontinental Cup the same year the club also became the first in football history and remains the only one at present to have won all possible official continental competitions and the world title.

10. AC Milan:

Net Worth: $775 million

Milan has won a joint record of three intercontinental Cups and one of its successors the FIFA club world cup. Milan has also won the European cup/Champions league on seven occasions second only to real Madrid. The club is one of the wealthiest and most valuable in Italian and world football. It was a founding member of the now-defunct G-14 group of Europe’s leading football clubs as well as its replacement the European Club Association.

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