Top 10 Richest People of Pakistan in 2016 Net Worth Yearly Income

When we think about richest people in Pakistan then some names comes into our mind. These persons are not in the top 10 list of the world’s richest persons but in Pakistan these persons are in the top ten richest persons in 2015 and 2016. Top 10 richest people of Pakistan in 2016 net worth yearly income earning.Top earner of Pakistan for 2016 with earning profit business.List of Pakistanis by net worth.Pakistan as one of the developing countries in the world with their skills, tributes and experiences.

The name and other details of top ten richest persons of Pakistan in 2015 and 2016 is below.

  1. Shahid Khan:

(Net worth $4.6 Billion dollars)

Shahid Khan is a business man. Shahid khan is the owner of Automobile parts industry Flex- N- Gate. Shahid khan is the Pakistani born America and has net worth of $4.6 Billion dollars. Shahid khan is the 349th richest person in the world and makes his place as the top 1St Pakistan.

  1. Mian Muhammad Mansha:

(Net worth $2.5 Billion dollars)

Mian Muhammad Mansha is a famous Pakistani industrialist and entrepreneur. Mian Muhammad Mansha is officially the 2ndd richest man in country. Mian Muhammad Mansha is chairman and CEO of Nishat Group, and MCB Bank Ltd And Adamjee Group. Mian Muhammad Mansha is currently on the board of 46 companies in Pakistan and is one of the most powerful and influential in the country .His currently net worth is 2.5 billion dollars.

3.Asif Ali Zardari:

(Net worth $1.8 Billion dollars)

Asif Ali Zardari is EX President of Pakistan. Now he is current co chairman of people’s party. Asif Ali Zardari is the 2nd richest person in Pakistan with a net worth of about 1.8 billion dollars.

  1. Anwar Pervez:

(Net worth $1.5 Billion dollars)

Anwar Pervez is nearly 79 year old. He is a businessman in the United Kingdom of Pakistan origin. Anwar Pervez is founder and chairman of Bestway Group. His net Worth is 1.5 billion dollars.

Richest People of Pakistan 2016 with Net WorthRichest People of Pakistan 2016 with Net Worth

  1. Newaz Sharif:

(Net worth $1.4 Billion dollars)

Nawaz Sharif is current prime Minister of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif is 5th richest person in Pakistan. His net worth is 1.4 billion dollars. Nawaz Sharif is also a successful industrialist in Pakistan.

  1. Sadruddin Hashwani:

(Net worth $1.1 Billion dollars)

Sadruddin Hashmi is the Chairman of Hashoo Group. Sadruddin now holds the 6th position of richest persons in Pakistan. His net worth is 1.1 billion dollars. Sadruddin Hashwani is a successful businessman in Pakistan.

  1. Nassir Schon:

(Net worth $1 Billion dollars)

Nasir Schon was born in 28, 1957. He is a business leader from Pakistan and the CEO of Schon properties. He is also Honoray Consul- General of Sierra Leone in Karachi. He is 7th richest person in Pakistan. His net Worth is 1Billion Dollar.

  1. Abdul Razak Yaqoob:

(Net worth $1 Billion dollars)

Abdul Razak Yaqoob is a wealthy Pakistani businessman based in Dubai. He was the owner of ARY Group of companies in 1972. Due to his philanthropy and extensive social work amongst the community was well respected by Pakistan around the world. His net worth is nearly 1 billion Dollars

  1. Malik Riaz Hussain:

(Net worth $1 Billion dollars)

Malik Riaz Hussain is the owner and chairman of Asians largest Real Estate Company. Malik Riaz Hussain Obtain 9th position in richest persons of Pakistan. His net worth is 1 billion dollars.

  1. Tariq Saigol (Saigol Group)

(Net worth 850 Million dollars)

Saigol Group is group of three brothers Most Companies are running under Saigol Group. The net worth of Saigol group is 850 Million. Saigol Group obtains 10th position in richest persons of Pakistan.

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