Top 10 Richest Women Wrestlers In The World with Net Worth Income Details

Woman wrestlers have become popular on their own. A woman comes along and takes the wrestling world by a storm. It takes a really special kind of woman to make an impact in the wrestling world. The WWE women’s championship was a professional wrestling championship is the world wrestling entertainment promotion. Hundreds of female wrestler’s backstage interviewers and valets have tried to make their mark but only a few have over succeeded. We are going to rank top 10 most successful and richest WWE Divas in the world of wrestling some of them got huge success with WWE and some used WWE just as a stepping stone to go onto bigger and better things. Here is the list of the top 10 richest woman wrestlers in the world.

  1. Torrie Wilson:

Net Worth: $18 million

Top 10 Richest Women Wrestlers In The World

Torrie Wilson is the lady who paved her path with success in the wrestler’s world as well as in her modeling career. She is retired wrestling professional who was considered to be a pleasant surprise to the audience with the arrival on the ring. And she was in gossip in the modeling world with her sizzling bikini appearance on the cover page of the popular magazine. She is the wealthiest lady of the wrestling world she is eve won the title of Miss Galaxy in late 80s before getting acknowledged as a stunning wrestling diva.

2. Stacy Keibler:

Net Worth: $4.5 million

She is a professional wrestling career back in 1990 when she was just 19 year old. She was not your typical well build wrestler. She had more of model looks and long legs which put her into stardom and after leaving WWE in 2006. She has been relevant in Hollywood by doing many modeling assignments, couple of short movie rolls.

3. Mickie James:

Net Worth: $4 million

She wound up winning the women championship five times with only stratus having more reigns. She has enjoyed a successful career in the business even after her release from WWE in 2010 as she is had two runs with TNA wrestling. Mickie played a psychotic Trish Stratus fan on TV and once she began wrestling on television fans were able to see her real talent.

4. Trish Stratus:

Net Worth: $3 million

The Canadian professional wrestler started out as a model. She was chosen as the babe of the year by the WWE three times. Stratus was also a onetime hardcore champion. She is the most successful female wrestle in professional wrestling.

5. Lita:

Net Worth: $2.5 million

Top 10 Richest Women Wrestlers In The World

The most popular Diva of world wrestling entertainment became the WWE hall of fame in last year while won the title of WWE women championship four times. She is considered as one of top female wrestlers in world. His net worth is $2.5 million.

6. Aj Lee:

Net Worth: $2.3 million

She has been the highest paid WWE Diva. WWE has found a great talent from their new show NXT and one of the rising ladies from the show is Aj Lee who brings intensity and accurate wrestling physique.

7. Natalya:

Net Worth: $2.2 million

Natalya is a Canadian professional wrestler. She works for WWE under the ring name Natalya. The first third generation female wrestlers in the world, neidhart is a member of the Hart wrestling family. She has wrestling in her blood and it shows on a weekly basis.

8. Brie Bella:

Net Worth: $1.7 million

Bella is an American professional wrestler model and performer. She is the twin sister of professional wrestler Brianna Monique Danielson otherwise called Brie Bella. Bella net worth is now estimated $1.7 million. Bella and her sister have created a powerful brand inside the wrestling world which allows them to keep to grow a money making company.

9. Nikki Bella:

Net Worth: $1.5 million

She has got so much success in such limited time and she also has the twin sister. They also part of WWE television show total divas Nikki Bella got more success on WWE TV series than in the ring and she was allegedly in relationship with highest paid WWE wrestler John Cena.

10. Sable:

Net Worth: $1.5 million

Top 10 Richest Women Wrestlers In The World

Sable is an American model, and retired professional wrestler. She began working for WWE in 1996. As Sable she was one of the first WWE Divas and gained considerable popularity. Sable at this time was also very unpopular champion. Off screen Sable was in a dispute with the WWF which is why she was stripped to the title on screen. Sable at this time was very unpopular backstage. She is the very first woman ever to appear on two playboy covers in one year.

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