Top 10 Valuable Most Expensive Sports Collectibles Memorabilia

Sports collectibles usually refers to a souvenir token of remembrance that is directly connected to a famous athlete sporting event or personality. These items are generally collected by fans that find sentimental and monetary value of the item. Game used items such as the ball in which Mark McGwire hit his 70th home run of the 1998 season sold for $3 million and Babe Ruth during the 1920 season. When it comes to most valuable sports memorabilia the collectible items associated with some of the finest and iconic sports figures in the world has never failed to amaze the fans and collectors. Sports collectibles can be both a great hobby and an investment.

Sports memorabilia come in many forms such as sports equipment a program or document that comes from a famous player game or venue. The memorabilia that commands top dollar at auctions are from the most significant historical moments of famous players. Today we talk about valuable most expensive sports collectibles memorabilia. Typical fans show their devotion by wearing their favorite player jersey. These items can get very costly but true fans do not mind dishing out the money. There are people that adore sports so much that they collect pieces of memorabilia to keep with them as a reminder of their favorite sports.

  1. Babe Ruth Jersey $4,4 Million:

Top 10 Valuable Most Expensive Sports Collectibles Memorabilia

Babe Ruth several all time MLB hitting records and still holding a few today Babe Ruth is widely regarded as one of the best baseball a player who has even lived. He is the item records of the Baseball. The world apparently remains inhabited by persons not merely able but also perfectly willing to spend big bucks on baseball memorabilia. In other worlds one of Ruth’s jersey costs more than a quarter of his lifetime salary. A spectacular piece will find a home with one of our private clients who truly appreciate its historic significance.

2. James Naismith Founding Rules of Basketball $4,3 Million:

Naismith wanted the game to have no physical contact between players and to encourage sportsmanship. The first game was played with nine players on each team and a soccer ball they lobbed into peach baskets secured about 10 feet off the floor on either end of a gymnasium. James Naismith wrote the 13 rules while a physical education instructor at the Christian association. Basketball is a pure invention where the rules were being sold by the Naismith international basketball foundation. The most important document in basketball history recently sold for over $4 million dollars in auction.

3. Mark McGwire’s 70th Home Run Baseball $3 Million:

He has made six figure donations to charities of his choice. His biggest per may be the Cardinals season tickets he purchased on the first base side 20 rows from the owner box. The ball begins innocently enough in a Costa Rican factory as a raw ling’s baseball like thousands of others each year is wound and sewn for use in the major leagues. Mark McGwire 79th home run ball just might hold part of the secret to what it mean to be American today. The story ends of month later at auction when that very ball is sold for more that $3 million.

4. Honus Wagner Baseball Card $2.8 Million:

The most famous T206 Honus Wagner is the Gretzky T206 Honus Wagner card. The card’s odd texture and shape led to speculation that it was altered. The Gretzky T206 Wagner was first sold by Alan Ray to a baseball memorabilia collector named Bill Mastro, who sold the card two years later to Jim Copeland for nearly four times the price he had originally paid. The real cards have fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars in auctions. One particular T206 Honus Wagner owned by John Cobb and Ray Edwards has attracted media controversy over its authenticity with many leading hobby experts regarding it as a fake.

5. Joe DiMaggio Journal $1.5 Million:

Top 10 Valuable Most Expensive Sports Collectibles Memorabilia

The auction prices for several journals and notes that were personally written by the baseball star. The private DiMaggio who spurned millions of dollars to write a tell-all autobiography but not the riches derived from signing bats or balls dedicated parts of many days from 1982 to 1993 to recording his activities in a flowing script. Steiner eventually gets is almost tangential to the almost voyeuristic look at the particulars of DiMaggio’s life. He wrote down when he woke up flight numbers and boarding times. The entries illustrate DiMaggio’s frustrations with fans and current and former major leaguers who wanted his autograph.

6. Sheffield F.C. Rule book $1.4 Million:

We are delighted with the sale of this extraordinary piece of sporting history the proceeds of which will allow Sheffield Football Club to develop its facilities and secure its future as the home of grass roots football. Sheffield FC the world oldest football club sold them to an anonymous bidder. The club was organized in 1857 a year before soccer rules officially came into play in Britain.  Sheffield FC lacks in glamor it makes up for in status. There was huge international interest reflecting the truly global appeal of both the game itself and its remarkable evolution.

7. Paul Henderson’s ’72 Summit Series Jersey $1.27 Million:

Paul Henderson legendary 1972 hockey sweater fetched over $1 million at an auction following a late surge of interest and its new Canadian owner promised Wednesday to bring it back home from its U.S location. As a lifelong hockey fans I know what Paul Henderson winning goal against the Russians in 1972 means to all Canadians. The Henderson item has generated as much interest as the personal souvenir collections of jean believe and Maurice Richard when those went on sale. It most recently belonged to an unidentified private American collector.

8. Babe Ruth Bat $1.26 Million:

The Curse of the bambino may have ended this year but Babe Ruth proved to have plenty of clout at the auction tables as the bat he used to hit the first homer at Yankee Stadium sold for $1.26 million on Thursday. The so called curse finally ended this year when Boston won their first world series since 1918 by sweeping the St Louis cardinals after staging the greatest comeback in postseason history to beat the Yankees for the American League title. Most attention was focused on Ruth’s bat and the price it commanded.

9. Babe Ruth Sale Contract $996,000

The crowd at Sotheby’s burst into cheers when the final hammer came down after a round of intense bidding. The price was nearly double the pre sale estimate for the December 26 1919 contract signed by owners Harry Frazee of the red sox and Jacob ruppert of Yankees. The contract fell short of the priciest bit of Babe memorabilia a massive 46 ounce Louisville Slugger used by the Bambino to drill the first home run in Yankee stadium history. It sold in December for the Ruthian price of $996,000 million the most ever paid for a baseball bat.

10. Babe Ruth All-Star Game Home Run Ball $805,000:

Top 10 Valuable Most Expensive Sports Collectibles Memorabilia

The ball babe Ruth hit for the first home run in major league baseball all star game history sold today at auction for $805,000. The ball from the inaugural game in 1933 was sold to an anonymous bidder at baseball is all star fan fest auction in Pittsburgh according to a press release form hunt auctions which conducted the sale. The Ruth ball was the most expensive item of the daylong auction which was expected to fetch more than $1.5 million in bids on at least 600 items. The levels that are being obtained were far beyond what anybody could have expected just a few years ago. Somebody else was willing to pay almost as much so the comfort one takes is that you bought a very historical piece.

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