Top 13 Most Expensive Toys In The World

We are telling you more than enough because today we are talking about the most high priced toy in the world and they are not cheap at all. Many items are designed to serve as toys but goods produced for other purposes can also be used. Playing with toys is an enjoyable means of training the young for life in society. Different materials are used to make toys enjoyable to both young and old. Some toys are produced primarily as collector’s items and are intended for display only. All toys and games whatever their price may be give the same kind of happiness and pleasure to a child. Here is the list of the top 13 most expensive toys in the world.

  1. Madame Alexander Eloise:

Net Worth: $5 million

Top 13 Most Expensive Toys In The World

She is one of the 5 dolls each coming with their own set of accessories and an equally stylish dog. Created by doll designer and the toys namesake Madame Alexander this stylish handmade doll comes wearing Christian Dior clothes, Oscar de la Renta fur and Katherine Baumann accessories decorated with Swarovski crystals and 9 carats of diamonds.

2. Lamborghini Aventador LP Model Car:

Net Worth: $4.8 million

At he outstanding price of $4.8 million this miniature Lamborghini has platinum rims and diamonds in its seats steering wheel and headlights and took 500 hours to be completed. If you cannot afford a real Lamborghini than you definitely cannot afford this toy. You paying more than 10 times the price of a Lamborghini for this toy or are you getting a real car.

3. Shimansky Soccer Ball:

Net Worth: $2.59 million

The Shimansky diamond soccer ball is valued at a phenomenal 20 million south afraica rands that is $2.59 million. Aside from the ball Shimansky has also created a 9.3 carat world cup dome ring worth nearly $16,000 and a pair of silver commemorative world cup cufflinks worth $129. Shimansky is also producing crystal replicas of the ball to be displayed in their local stores and auctioned off for charity.

4. Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

Net Worth: $2.1 million

Sporting a Louis Vuitton coat and hat in addition to being the most expensive it also the most fashionable teddy bear out there. Of course the most expensive teddy bear in the world would have had to be made by Stiff the German toy company that enjoys making toys no parent can afford. On display with it at the Teddy Bear Museum is Louis Vuitton Luggage for you know the stylish bears travel needs.

5. The Masterpiece Cube Rubikes Cube:

Net Worth: 1.5 million

Top 13 Most Expensive Toys In The World

More than 350 million have been sold worldwide since it was invented 40 years ago in Budapest by architecture professor Erno Rubik, making the cube one of the best selling puzzles of all time. Today, there are annual tournaments held to reward the fastest solvers, and the Transformers toys have adopted a similar mechanism.

6. Gold Rocking Horse:

Net Worth: $1.28 million

The rocking horse is handmade of gold and weighs around 36 kg. This gold rocking horse costs $1.28 million and is one of the most expensive toys in the world. I have never imagined that they would be so pricey.

7. Gold Nintendo Wii Supreme:

Net Worth: $487,000

The most expensive video game console would also come from the Nintendo Wii line the luxury Wii Supreme valued in the range of $487,000. The body is a gold coated mass 22 karat gold weighing 2.5 kilograms and the front buttons are adorned with 78 quarter cut diamonds. It reportedly took half a year to create this by Stuart Hughes, the same guy who created the most expensive iPhone.

8. Bejeweled Barbie:

Net Worth: $300,000

This Barbie was sold to benefit breast cancer research. Created by Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi, she has a black strapless evening dress and a choker with a 1K square pink diamond. The most expensive Barbie ever sold, she went for $302,000.

9. Titanias Palace:

Net Worth: $256,500

Titania’s Palace is a miniature castle hand-built in Ireland by James Hicks & Sons. The miniature dollhouse went up on auction at Sotheby’s England but it got lost in a bidding war to Denmark where you can find it today. Designed by English painter and officer, Sir Neville Wilkinson for his daughter Guendolen, this mini-castle dollhouse it was one of the most expensive toys.

10. Stiff Limited Edition Teddy Bears:

Net Worth: $195,000

This teddy bear was manufactured in 1926. It is a tipped mohair teddy bear from the famous toy making company. The Steiff Happy Teddy Bear was bought by Paul Volpp at an auction for his wife. It was the perfect 42nd Wedding Anniversary gift he could think of for his wife, Rosemary. Paul Volpp bought this teddy bear at Sotheby’s, London in 1989.

11. 18 Carat Gold Nintendo Game Boy:

Net Worth: $30,000

Top 13 Most Expensive Toys In The World

You could pay for a year of college, or you could try to find this 18 carat gold Nintendo Game Boy for sale. The limited edition handheld toy was created by British jewelers Asprey of London in 2006. Between its diamonds lined screen and jeweled power button, Mario and Luigi never looked so good.

12. Life Size Lego Basketball Player:

Net Worth: $15,000

Each of these figures was worth $15,000. In 2003 NBA offered their fans the opportunity to buy life sized Lego figures of their favorite players. The fans could choose from a variety of famous player’s including Jason Kidd, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Chris Webber and Allan Houston.

13. Swarovski Studded Etch a Sketch:

Net Worth: $1500

This specific version of the Etch A Sketch a classic drawing toy is completely covered in Swarovski crystals. There are only 12 of the red limited edition models that were released for the holiday. His net worth is $1500.

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