Top 20 of World’s Richest Actors Current Net Worth

Many people always ask the most popular question that who is the richest actor in the World. Because there are a lot of people always dream to be a professional actors or actress as well while this job offers a lot of opportunities for all people from everywhere. With the passage of time money has become the necessity of every individual.

It is not only to earn sufficient money but also to get millions of dollars along with fame. Whether we see the actors of Bollywood or Hollywood they always seem to be too much busy in earning more and more and this ultimately leads them to become richer than ever. Let us see the list of top 20 richest actors in the world.

Top 20 of World’s Richest Actors Current Net WorthTop 20 of World’s Richest Actors Current Net Worth

Robert Downeyr Jr

Net Worth: $140,00,000

Robert Downery Jr was born on 4 April 1965 in Manhattan New York City, United States. He is the last number of the Top 20 richest actors in the world. His total wealth is $140,000,000. He won’t be for much longer. He is currently the best paid actor in Hollywood. He is in the immensely popular Iron Man franchise but also in the commercially successful Sherlock Holmes films.

Denzel Washington

Net Worth:$141,000,000

Denzel Washington is the second last number in the list of top 20 richest actors in the world. His net worth is $141,000,000. There are few actors as enigmatic as Denzel Washington and he has been smart about transforming his energy and appearance into nice green Dollar bills. Recently he earned these with great films like Training Day and American Gangster.

Morgan Freeman

Net Worth: $150,000,000

Morgan Freeman improve 2 number pervious two actors with the help of her wealth. His net worth is $150,000,000. Morgan Freeman, must be thanking God for giving him such an incredible warm and soulful voice. A voice that made him a very rich man.

Samuel L Jackson

Net Worth:$170,000,000

With the help of her net worth her number in the list of top 20 richest actors in the world is 17 number. Samuel L. Jackson has made quite some dough. it is not easy to understand. Pulp Fiction gave him cult status his work ethic has given him money. With over 150 acting credits to his name.

Robert Redford

Net Worth:$172,000,000

Robet Redford director may be the father of Sundance and indie film, but he has made a lot of money with huge films. In the seventies and eighties he was everywhere, and even now still knows how to act and direct great films. His net worth is $172,000,000.

Bruce Willis

Net worth: $183,000,000

Bruce Willis was born on 19 March 1955 in Idar Oberstein West Germany. He is famous for Moonlighting, Die Hard Series & The Fifth Element. He is best known for as one of Hollywood’s biggest action heroes Bruce Willis has earned more than a little fortune.

Robert De Niro

Net Worth: $200,000,000

Robert De Niro in his early days was one of the most interesting actors out there. Now he takes on every possible role he can get his hands on making a lot of money but utterly crappy films. His net worth is $200,000,000. Long gone are the days of Taxi driver.

Mark Wahlberg

Net Worth: $203,000,000

Marky Mark appear on 13 number in the list of top 20 richest actors in the world. His net worth is $203,000,000. Marky started off as an underwear model but known has become one of the most established and versatile actors in Hollywood. He has made his riches with great indie films but has earned most of his fortune with films like The Departed.

Will Smith

Net Worth: $204,000,000

Will Smith made his way in to the spotlight with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but has moved on from the small screen to star in huge blockbusters like Men in Black. His net worth is $204,000,000. Actor rapper Will Smith’s net worth is estimated at $250 million. TV and film director Tyler Perry is worth an estimated $400 million. Comedian, actor Bill Cosby is worth an estimated $350 million.

Leonardo Diaprio

Net Worth: $245,000,000

Leonardo Dicaprio appear in the 11 number of the list of top 20 richest actors in the world. In the Wolf of Wall Street Leo showed us the true meaning of greed. The film, that he produced himself, made loads of money, and is surely testing his own sense of greed.

Harrison Ford

Net Worth: $210,000,000

Harrison Ford number divided the list in to two parts. He is appearing on the 10 number of the top 10 richest actors in the world. Harrison Ford has made of money in featuring in the biggest blockbusters out there. The incredibly popular Indiana Jones franchise did not leave him any poorer.

Brad Pitt

Net Worth: $240,000,000

Pitt reportedly has $240 million net worth. It will surplice no one that Brad Pitt is among the richest in celebrity land. As one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood, he has become all the studio’s darling. You can imagine that the newly wed does not have to be afraid of losing this money in a possible divorce, as his wife is almost just as rich as he is, and is featured on our richest actresses list.

Sylvester Stallone

Net worth: $400,000,000

Sylvester Stallone became one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, usually playing monosyllablic, antisociety, underdog heroes. While Stallone has attempted to extend his range into film comedies and drama, his real box office success continues in action films. With an estimated net worth of $400 million Dollar Sylvester did good business. He does not have to worry about money anymore.

Adam Sandler

Net Worth: $300,000,000

Adam Sandler is an American actor, comedian and producer. Adam Sandler was born on 9 September 1966 in Brooklyn New York. Adam Sandler is famous for two things; making funny movies and getting paid tons of money to make said movies. Through his acting and producing, Sandler has been able to amass a personal. In top 20 richest actors in the world her number is 7. His net worth is $300,000,000.

Michael Douglas

Net Worth: $302,000,000

With an estimated net worth of $300 million, Michael Douglas is an American producer, actor and one of the biggest shakers and movers in Hollywood. He was born to British actress Diana Dill and movie icon Kirk Douglas on September 25, 1944. He started his acting career playing the role of a hip cop in The Streets of San Francisco which aired from 1972-1977 in the national TV.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Net Worth: $303,000,000

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American bodybuilder, model, actor, businessman, and politician who has a net worth of $303 million. Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947 in the tiny village of Thal, Austria. In 1965 Arnold won the Junior Mr. Europe Contest. In 1967, at the age of 20 he became the youngest person to win the Mr. Universe title.

Tom Hanks

Net Worth: $350,000,000

Everyone loves Tom Hanks, and he has the cash to prove it, his net worth is estimated at $350 million. The modern day Jimmy Stewart earned on the backend of his 2009 film Angels & Demons, which brought in $485 million at the global box office. Tom Hanks, known for his excellent performances in movies like Forrest Gump and Apollo 13, earned enough money to be in the Top 5 of this list.

Johnny Depp

Net Worth: $400,000,000

Johnny Depp is an American actor and producer who has a net worth of $400 million. Johnny Depp’s many successful films have grossed over $3.1 billion in America and $7.6 billion worldwide at the box office. The two would go on to collaborate on a total of seven films, including Sleepy Hollow and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Tom Cruise

Net Worth: $425,000,000

American film actor and producer, Tom Cruise has an estimated net worth of $425 million. Tom Cruise made a strong impression in the teen comedy Risky Business and then had his first box-office smash as the fighter jock Maverick in Top Gun. Cruise and his cocky grin were propelled higher onto Hollywood’s A-list thanks to a string of successful movies.

Jack Nicholson

Net Worth: $390,000,000

Jack Nicholson is an American actor who has a net worth of $390 million. Jack Nicholson is one of the wealthiest and most-award-nominated actors in American history. Nicholson has appeared in sixty-four films and been nominated for twelve Academy Awards. John Joseph Nicholson was born on April 22, 1937 in Neptune City, New Jersey, United States. Upon moving to Hollywood, he started working for MGM cartoon studios as a gofer for several animation legends like Joseph Barbera and William Hanna.

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