Top Most Expensive Bathtubs In The World

Bathtubs are very useful in every bathroom that is very large and luxurious as well. Bathtub is one of that bath gear that comfortable us. Bathing is a calming knowledge for us and we can announcement our pressure by lying down in a most expansive bathtub for certain time. Among the tub’s other features are a massage function, multicolored lighting, a hand-held shower unit, automatic disinfection and even a Swarovski-coated Champagne holder.

Some will purchase a comfy expensive leather sofa for their living room while others will prefer to equip their bathroom with well designed bathroom equipment. In this article we are diving in what the ultra rich choose to have as their centre piece of the bathroom. These bathtubs offer you an excellent opportunity to enhance the beauty and luxury of your home. One of your favorite shopping sprees might be to decorate your new palace. Here is the list of top most expensive bathtubs in the world.

  1. Le Grand Queen:

Price: $1,700,000

Top Most Expensive Bathtubs In The World

  1. Baldi Rock Crystal:

Price: $1,000,000

  1. Golden:

Price: $987,000

  1. Baldi Malachite:

Price: $222,000

  1. Baldi Amethyst:

Price: $121,200

  1. Serenity:

Price: $76,658.40

  1. Kallista Archeo Copper:

Price: $67,557

Top Most Expensive Bathtubs In The World

  1. Red Diamond:

Price: $47,200

  1. The Diamond:

Price: $39000

  1. Le Cob Glass:

Price: $34000

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