Top Most Expensive Natural Elements On Earth

There are many expensive and precious elements on the earth which are naturally hidden but people have to extract them and take them out. These precious elements are then later used for the making of different materials like gold, diamonds and different metals etc. these elements typically are manmade plus it is costly to isolate the trace amounts of transuranic elements that exist naturally. The most expensive natural element is francium.

Gold is an incredibly expensive substance. There are many different types of metals in the world. It is important to have a better understanding of metal prices to make sure you make informed choices. Though many of the elements found in gaseous forms can be considered toxic, many in liquid and solid forms can be equally as deadly argon, gallium, and chlorine to name just a few. Here is the list of the top most expensive natural elements on earth.

1. Antimatter:

Cost: $62.5 Trillion Per Gram

Top Most Expensive Natural Elements On Earth

2. Californium:

Cost: $27 Per Gram

3. Painite:

Cost: $3 Per Gram

4. Diamond:

Cost: $65,000 Per Gram

5. Tritium:

Cost: $30,000 Per Gram

6. Taaffeite:

Cost: $100,000 Per Gram

7. Plutonium:

Cost: $4,000 Per Gram

8. Creme de la Mer:

Cost: $70.00 Per Gram

9. Rhino Horn:

Cost: $55.00 Per Gram

10. Platinum:

Cost: $48.00 Per Gram

11. Rhodium:

Cost: $45.00 Per Gram

12. Gold:

Cost: $38.81 Per Gram

Top Most Expensive Natural Elements On Earth

13. Iranian Beluga Caviar:

Cost: $35.00 Per Gram

14. Saffron:

Cost: $11.13 Per Gram

15. White Truffles:

Cost: $5.00 Per Gram

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