Top Most Expensive Number Plates In The World

These are the license plates that have managed to get drivers motors running over the years and how much they were sold for. The most expensive number plate ever sold by the DVLA in Britain is 25 O bought this week by a Ferrari trader for £518,000. The of private car registration palates is an confusing place with a collection of digits on a reflective plastic strip commanding huge interest and often eye watering prices. That makes for quite an impressive investment.

If you have ever bought or looked into buying a personalized number plate of your own you will know that prices can vary from a few hundered pounds to the hundreds of thousands or more begging the question just how much are people prepared to pay get the digits of their choice. It is not surprising then that private number plate number plate dealers are faced with questions regarding the most expensive private registration plates ever sold. Here is the top most expensive number plates in the world.

Top Most Expensive Number Plates In The WorldTop Most Expensive Number Plates In The World

  1. 25 O

Value: £518,000

  1. F 1:

Value: £440,000

  1. S 1:

Value: £404,000

  1. 1 D:

Value: £352,000

  1. M 1:

Value: £331,000

  1. VIP 1:

Value: £285,000

  1. 51 NGH:

Value: £254,000

  1. 1 RH:

Value: £247,000

  1. K1 NGS:

Value: £231,000

  1. 1 O:

Value: £170,000

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