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Top Most Expensive Writing Instruments In The World

The slow pace of progress was due to a very imperfect understanding of the role air pressure played in the operation of the pens and because most inks were highly corrosive and full of sedimentary inclusions. We have inculcated a culture of stringent quality control and quality check across all levels. Pens have served as the nation’s premier pen retailer offering the world’s best writing instruments. The writing instrument that dominated for the longest period in history was the quill pen.

From quill pens to typewriters and everything in between us have covered a lot of ground in the 5,000+ years that humans have been writing. The range of experience spans from standard mechanisms and writing components to complete writing instruments. The history of writing instruments by which humans have recorded and conveyed thought feelings and grocery lists is the history of civilization itself. Here is the list of the top most expensive writing instruments in the world.

  1. Expensive Pen:

Net Worth: $8

Top Most Expensive Writing Instruments In The World

  1. Expensive Ball Point Pen:

Net Worth: $730,000

  1. Expensive Pencil:

Net Worth: $12,800

  1. Expensive Computer:

Net Worth: $15

  1. Expensive Keyboard:

Net Worth: $4,240

  1. Expensive Typewriter:

Net Worth: $254,500

Top Most Expensive Writing Instruments In The World

  1. Printer Ink:

Net Worth: $5,654

  1. Ancient Tablet:

Net Worth: $10,500

  1. Modern Tablet:

Net Worth: $899

  1. Expensive Notebook:

Net Worth: $30.8

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