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Top Richest Doctors In The World

Most of these doctors are on top of their financial game because they have saved a lot of lives. Doctors are some of richest personalities in the world. The net worth of these doctors goes to extremes but many of them made their money doing things other than medicine. Most doctors are paid nicely but it also takes time most doctors to perfect their craft earn a solid reputation and work their way up into the big leagues.

There are many doctors who have turned into politicians artists and entrepreneurs alongside many other fields. Patrick Soon Shiong envisions the future of medicine. And the first thing he wants to change is the ways we screen for diagnose and treat cancer. We all know that doctors and medical professionals in general tend to make a healthy living but when you consider just how rich these particular doctors are it is amazing that they have managed to leave some money for the rest of us. Here is the list of the top richest doctors in the world..

  1. Patrick Soon Shiong:

Net Worth: $12 billion

Top Richest Doctors In The World

2. Thomas Frist:

Net Worth: $7 billion

3. Phillip Frost:

Net Worth: $3.8 billion

4. Wu Yiling:

Net Worth: $1.7 billion

5. Gary Michelson:

Net Worth: $1.55 billion

6. Dr. Phil:

Net Worth: $280 million

7. James Andrews:

Net Worth: $100 million

8. Terry Dubrow:

Net Worth: $30 million

9. Leonard Hochstein:

Net Worth: $20 million

10. Robert Rey:

Net Worth: $15 million

11. Garth Fisher:

Net Worth: $15 million

Top Richest Doctors In The World

12. Dr. Oz:

Net Worth: $14 million

13. Paul Nassif:

Net Worth: $14 million

14. Travis Stork:

Net Worth: $8 million

15. Sanjay Gupta:

Net Worth: $4.5 million

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