Top Richest Video Game Companies In The World

The multibillion dollar industry of game development has companies that operate with teams of creative and intelligent people. Video game developing companies are making loads of money from gamers all around the world. They are high in entertainment value. Many of you play video games and have favorites among them. This automatically gives some companies the edge over others. The black and white games eventually became colored and then gradually the realm expanded.

The proliferation of companies producing their own original games only builds broader base of fans that will follow the brand to whichever console they serve. In what is a multibillion dollar industry that gamers fuel the creative machines that advance the overall gaming experience. There are many video games companies in the world who have generated various types of video games in this present age. Here is the list of the top 10 richest video game companies in the world.

  1. Sony Computer Entertainment:

Net Worth: $13.4 billion

Top Richest Video Game Companies In The World

2. Microsoft Studios:

Net Worth: $12.82 billion

3. Nintendo:

Net Worth: $6.28 billion

4. Sega:

Net Worth: $4.9 billion

5. Activision Blizzard:

Net Worth: $4.85 billion

6. Namco Bandai:

Net Worth: $4.74 billion

7. Electronic Art:

Net Worth: $4.14 billion

Top Richest Video Game Companies In The World

8. Konami:

Net Worth: $3.24 billion

9. Ubisoft:

Net Worth: $1.84 billion

10. Square Enix:

Net Worth: $1.26 billion

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