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World Highest Paid TV Personalities of 2016 List of Top 10

The highest paid television personalities are an English rock group with a varying line up. It set the template for their subsequent career and obsession with youth culture of the 1960 a fey slightly camp lyrical attitude and the occasional classic pop song. The top of the highest paid TV Personalities have each earned millions by being what many people would consider honest to the point of rudeness. Jim Parsons is the top list of highest paid TV personalities earning $29 million. He along with his co star Johnny Galecki $27 million overtook last year leader Ashton Kutcher. Here the list of the top 10 world highest paid TV personalities of 2016.

  1. Jim Parsons

Net Worth: $29 million

World Highest Paid TV Personalities of 2016 List of Top 10

Jim Parsons was born 24 May 1973 an American actor. He has received several awards for his performance including four primetime Emmy awards for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series and a Golden Globe award for best actor in a television series musical or comedy. Jim Parsons is the top list of the highest paid TV personalities of 2016. His net worth is $29 million. Parsons also had roles in several movies including Garden State and School for Scoundrels.

2. Johnny Galecki

Net Worth: $27 million

John Galacki was born 30 April 1975 an American actor. In 2011 Galecki received his first primetime Emmy nomination for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series as well as a 2012 Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a television series musical or comedy for his role as Leonard. Johnny Galecki can currently be seen starring on The Big Bang Theory the Golden Globe nominated hit CBS comedy from Chuck Lorre and winner of the 2013 People’s choice award for best TV comedy. He also appeared in the 1995 music video for the Dave Matthews Band song Satellite.

3. Mark Harmon

Net Worth: $20 million

Mark Harmon took naturally to the gridiron and to acting although what he really wanted to be as a youth was a doctor. After two years quarterbacking a junior college team in Los Angeles, Harmon transferred to UCLA and successfully led the Bruins during the 1972 and 73 seasons with intent to attend medical school after graduation. Harmon’s biggest role was still to come. After an Emmy nominated appearance on The West Wing Harmon was approached to play special agent Jethro Gibbs on the military drama JAG.

4. Simon Helberg

Net Worth: $20 million

American comedian Simon Helberg was born on9 December 1980 in Los Angeles California. He started acting in 1999 appearing as an extra in the comedy film Mumford. He played several other guest roles in television shows and movies. It sounds painful to relive but the cheerfully talkative Helberg has made a character actor career of playing sad sacks and self deprecating beta males such as Howard Wolowitz in the ensemble of his hit sitcom. His net worth is $20 million.

5. Kunal Nayyar

Net Worth: $20 million

World Highest Paid TV Personalities of 2016 List of Top 10

He started acting in plays as a way of making new friends. The big bang theory is not known for its big dramatic arcs but the characters have developed over six season. However seems more stunted than the rest which Nayyar considers a welcome challenge. It is very fun to play the subtle changes in the way these characters are growing. He is consistently gracious as he talks about the big bang theory which went from fledgling sitcom to an unequivocal hit.

6. Ashton Kutcher

Net Worth: $20 million

His net worth is $20 million. Kutcher began his career as a model. He began his acting career portraying Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom that 70s show which aired for eight seasons. In 2004 Kutcher starred in the lead role of the psychological film the butterfly affected and gained public recognition. He appeared in the 2003 family film Cheaper by the Dozen as a self obsessed actor. The film received mixed to negative reviews but was a box office success.

7. Jon Cryer

Net Worth: $15 million

The 49 makes the revelations in his upcoming memoir so that happened to be published on 7 April 2015 by new American library a division of penguin random house. Jon Cryer has revealed that his two and a half men co star Charlie Sheen recommended prostitute services joked about his run is with the law and his ex wives and got madder and madder during his drug induced meltdown on the show final season.

8. Ray Romano

Net Worth: $15 million

Ray Romano net worth came from his works including acting screen writing, voice acting and as a standup comedian. Ray Romano net worth is estimated at $15 million. Romano best known for his roles on the sitcom everybody loves Raymond and in the Ice age film series is an American actor standup comedian screenwriter and voice actor. Romano comedy career began when he competed in the Johnnie walker comedy search in 1989.

9. Patrick Dempsey

Net Worth: $12 million

Patrick Dempsey is a popular American actor and a famous television icon. A role model for many Dempsey has juggled with various roles throughout his career but best known for his role as the charming neurosurgeon Dr. Derek shepherd on the hit medical drama series Grey Anatomy. He appeared in a number of award winning shows including once and again before he took up the role of a neurosurgeon in one of the most highly rated shows on television. His net worth is $12 million.

10. Simon Baker

Net Worth: $12 million

World Highest Paid TV Personalities of 2016 List of Top 10

Simon Baker earned critical praise and a golden globe nomination for his performance. He says he was originally drawn to the depth the rawness of the character which he though recalled the antiheroes of serialized cable show. But baker says he soon began to feel trapped in the role as the show procedural elements began to make fallen more of a one note character. You want the character to suddenly start to shift and change and it kind of goes against it to do that. He net worth is $12 million.

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